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Docking Bay 416 is based out of Toronto (area code 416) and created by Grish (a.k.a. r2eq).

Don (a.k.a. R5Don4), Chris (a.k.a AgentV) and Josh (a.k.a. Armoredgrear7, creator of the X-Wing Co-Op game Heroes of the Aturi Cluster ), exemplars of the local Star Wars gaming community and excellent players in their own right are helping to administer/moderate the site.

Docking Bay 416 started as an X-Wing site that highlighted the Ontario scene, and other parts of Canada as no one was shining a light on the great people we have in our gaming communities. Now DB416 has started to grow into covering other areas of Star Wars gaming, namely Armada and Imperial Assault, but anything cool and Star Wars is fair game for an article.

Please feel free to drop a line, register and join the fun by commenting or even posting your own articles.

We also have a forum dedicated to HOTAC and a general discussion area for those of you who aren’t part of a Facebook gaming group or want to post something here in our corner of the interwebs.

Don’t forget to regularly check the event calendar for X-Wing, Armada and Imperial Assault events held in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

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