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Creator of Docking Bay 416 living in Toronto, Ontario. Huge Star Wars fan that loves playing Armada, X-Wing & Imperial Assault with friends.

Painting: Stormtroopers

They can’t shoot straight, they use each other as cover, they bump their heads on doors because they can’t see out of their helmets… Am I talking about some comedy act with guns? Nope! I’m talking about the galaxy’s most feared clone soldiers, the Imperial Stormtroopers!

I’ve been painting quite a bit during this cold Canadian winter (people in the rest of Canada can insert a joke about Toronto never actually suffering a legit Canadian winter here). This article is the first about my Imperial Assault minis and features the dreaded Storm Troopers  complete with a description of how I painted them.

Imperial Assault Painted Storm Troopers

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Varnish Everything!

Every X-wing player will notice wear and tear showing on dials, asteroids and templates, even after a short time of use.  When I started using Blue Tack (a hack I learned from Remi) one of the faces of my old and beaten up asteroids finally had enough and peeled off. It wasn’t a big deal as I glued it back, but the incident got me thinking how to protect the cardboard playing pieces.

It was time for me to Varnish everything!

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