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Hailing from Gatineau / Ottawa, Vuud made the top 4 at Gencon in 2013, top 8 at Canadian Nationals in 2014, and won a Store Championship in 2015. A tournament organizer and key member of the Ottawa / Gatineau crew.

The Bytown Smugglers League : Season 2


Bytown Smugglers
Bytown Smugglers

The Bytown Smuggler League Season 2 is about to start soon! Last season was a great success with 31 players and 171 games played at our sponsor locations! We heard you and here are some rule changes for this season.

We are moving from an 8 weeks duration to 12 weeks. One issue we had last season is that a lot of players rushed to get their 8 games in the first four weeks then it became harder for players to find opponents and new players didn’t had enough time to play their 8 matches if they joined mid-season. That rule change was voted unanimously. Continue reading The Bytown Smugglers League : Season 2

The Bytown Smugglers League

The Ottawa/Gatineau X-Wing community has started right at the Game Release in 2012. The community grew with events like the Kessel Run, the very first regionals in 2013 and 2014, and Assault at Imdaar Alpha. The local community has since grown into multiple groups of players who play at different stores across the capital region.

However, we still have to build our own regional identity.

We strongly believe that the Prototype Toronto League did a lot to bring the Toronto players together in something recognizable to the larger scene. It is high time for us to forge our own identity and to create our own league. Continue reading The Bytown Smugglers League

You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?

Most of the games I play, I don’t have much of a plan. I just go with the flow of the game, adjusting as the game progresses. Yet sometimes, having a plan and applying it will provide you with some real satisfaction. I started playing four B-Wings over at Nationals losing in the Top 8 to Grish by not adhering to my initial plan. Had I stayed true to it, the result could have been greatly different. What I did take away from Nationals was that I did like the challenge of playing the 4 Bs. Continue reading You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?

What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ

First let me introduce myself. I go by Vuud on the Forums and am from Ottawa/Gatineau. I have been playing X-Wing since it was released back in 2012. When wave 2 came out, I won my first tournament at a Kessel Run event. I then played in the 2013 Regionals which were being held in Montreal. A big total of 6 players showed up! I finished second running dual HLC Firesprays along with Howlrunner. Then I didn’t play until Gen Con 2013. Even though I played like a newb I made it to the Top 4 using the same outdated squad from Regionals. At that time, there was not much of a community here in Ottawa/Gatineau. With the help of Jeffrey Dunford (whom I traveled with to Gen Con), Erik Pichette and Jean Latreille, we started a series of tournaments we called Trench Runs using the Wave 3 ships we brought back from Gen Con as prizes. Our community was kickstarted in style! Continue reading What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ