Battle Report: Massing at Sullust

By Shiu-Yik Au

Emperor Palpatine. I wish to report that I have successfully destroyed the rogue Imperials and Rebel scum that had captured the prototype Imperial Star Destroyer II at Sullust.

– Commander Screed

This is my battle report for the Massing at Sullust Star Wars Armada tournament at 401 Games on October 3, 2015.

Fleet Construction

Having heard reports of minimal squadron activity, my expedition group consisted of 4 of the 1st generation Gladiator Star Destroyers, loaded with Assault Concussion Missiles. We prepared to face heavy capital ship activity and were prepared to face them head on and destroy them.

– Commander Screed

My list included

  • Gladiator I with Assault Concussion Missiles
  • Gladiator I with Assault Concussion Missiles
  • Gladiator I with Commander Screed
  • Gladiator I with
    • Demolisher
    • Assault concussion missiles
    • Wulf Yularen
    • Engine Techs

My thought process was to have 4 activations in order to be able to outmaneuver 3 ship lists. Moreover, I didn’t think I would need anti-squadron capabilities as there were very few squadrons used in the Canadian Nationals tournament I played in the month before. Finally, this list can easily destroy an opponent’s entire fleet if they’re not careful and I wanted to have a huge margin of victory each game to score lots of tournament points.


Round 1

My first opponent was a neophyte Imperial traitor using 2 captured Victories and a crude copy of the Demolisher. His fleet lacked any form of squadron cover, but was led by Grand Moff Tarkin. I deftly defended our outpost in the sector while annihilating his ships in short order.

– Commander Screed

Opponent: Nick. A super nice brand new player

Objective: Contested Outpost

Initiative: Nick

Opposing army:

  • 2 Victories each with enhanced armament and intelligence officer. One of them had Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Gladiator I with engine techs and Demolisher

Setup: I placed the obstacles in such a way that there was a “net” of obstacles between my opponent and the contested outpost. He set up his Victories on the right hand side in order to try to squeeze through or go around the obstacles and put his Demolisher on the left hand side to try to flank.

I set up 2 of my Gladiators in the center, Demolisher on the left and another Gladiator on the right to serve as flankers.


Battle: The victories moved down my right flank and his Demolisher slowly moved down my left. I used my right flanking Gladiator to go point blank into the side his right most Victory and then used my Demolisher to do the same thing to his Demolisher. (Side note: This double attack is very important if your opponent has initiative. You don’t want your opponent going first and moving his only ship at-risk away from the combat)

His Demolisher attacked my Demolisher, but without Assault Concussion Missiles, his ship only damaged my shields. When I returned fire, I was able to destroy his Demolisher and move my Demolisher into the side of his middle Victory.

His right most Victory took some point blank shots from my Gladiator and was nearly 2/3rds dead before it engaged the rest of my force. With just a few more attacks, it went down.

The final Victory wasn’t able to handle my four Gladiators and was quickly dispatched.

Result: 10 – 0 victory


Round 2

My second opponent was a traitor to the Empire as well but he had more experience. He brought a standard Gladiator I, a crude copy of the Demolisher, a Victory I and handful of squadrons. The gunners on his Victory were among the best of the empire–Though they are no more…

– Commander Screed

Opponent: Kristian. A vet of both X-Wing and Armada

Objective: Advanced Gunnery

Initiative: Me

Opposing army:

  • 1 Victory I with Admiral Screed
  • Gladiator I with Demolisher
  • Gladiator II
  • Handful of tie fighters and 2 tie bombers

Setup: I chose initiative as I had more ships than my opponent and then selected Advanced Gunnery as it gave me the opportunity to score double points by killing his objective ship.

He placed all three of his ships on the left, with his two Gladiators on the flanks and his Victory in the center with Starfighters in front of his army. I placed 3 of my Gladiators on the left, including the Demolisher, and one in the center to round out my right flank. He chose his Victory as his objective ship while I chose my Gladiator in the center as it was the farthest away from his fleet and I was afraid he would destroy it.


Battle: We both moved our fleets directly at each other. On the first two rounds, his tie fighters and bombers went point blank with my Demolisher to try to damage it. It escaped relatively unscathed and I used it to fly up to his Demolisher. As his ship had already moved, I was able to move and attack it, and then shoot it twice more the next turn and then it was destroyed.


One of my Gladiators went toe-to-toe with his Gladiator. As his ship didn’t have concussion missiles and I had them as well as initiative, I was able to kill it quickly.

His Victory I was then left all alone and I was able to overwhelm it with my remaining Gladiators coming in from 3 different directions.

Result: 10 – 0 Victory


Round 3

My third opponent was yet another traitor to the Empire fielding two Gladiator Is, a Victory I, Major Rhymer and a half dozen tie fighter squadrons. He had heard of my stunning victories and spread his fleet out to prevent them from all being destroyed. While one of his Victories was able to escape destruction, I can happily report that he was soundly defeated with no loss of ships on my side.

– Commander Screed

Opponent: Kelvin. A vet of both X-Wing and Armada

Objective: Advanced Gunnery

Initiative: Me

Opposing army:

  • 1 Victory I with Admiral Screed
  • Gladiator I with Demolisher and Assault Concussion Missiles and engine techs
  • Gladiator I with Assault Concussion Missiles
  • Half dozen tie fighters and Major Rhymer

Setup: As before, I chose initiative as I had more ships than my opponent and then selected Advanced Gunnery as it gave me the opportunity to score double points by killing his objective ship.

He placed his normal Gladiator I on the far left with all of his squadrons and his Victory and Demolisher on the far right. I put all of my ships on the left with the intent on destroying his lone Gladiator I and turning to face the rest of his army.

He selected his Gladiator I on the left as his objective ship and I chose my Gladiator I farthest from the conflict. As before, I was afraid I would lose my objective ship so I wanted it to be far away and safe.

Battle: His objective Gladiator I moved with the Rhymer ball to engage my Demolisher. I destroyed it using the same trick as last game—wait until the opponent moved the ship, move and attack with the Demolisher and then double attack it the next round. His fighters were very persistent and constantly shot at my Demolisher; however, as it took minimal damage from my opponent’s Gladiator, I was able to circle my Demolisher around the tie fighters and use my anti-squadron attacks to shoot down a few tie fighters.

On the right side, he moved his Demolisher in to attack my Gladiator I with Admiral Screed; while he was able to move and shoot Screed at point blank range, he didn’t have initiative so I was able to fire back and move my Screed away the next round.

My objective ship turned to face the Demolisher and I went point blank with it in order to get two shots the next turn. However, I rolled a lot of blanks so I was only able to heavily damage the Demolisher the next turn—luckily his return shots didn’t do that much damage either. We ended up flying past each other with only our rear arcs facing one another. As I had initiative, I was able to fire from the rear and use Admiral Screed’s ability to activate concussion missiles which did enough damage to finish my opponent’s Demolisher.

Finally, one of my Gladiator Is went toe to toe with his Victory I. While we both did a lot of damage to each other, neither of us were able to kill the other.

Result: 10 – 0


Round 4: Battle at Sullust

Finally, after facing so many Imperial traitors, I was glad to face some Rebel scum. The Rebel Admiral brought a MC80 and MC30 to bear as well as a couple of corvettes and a large bomber wing. I faced off against him with the recently liberated Imperial Star Destroyer II, the Raider, and a pair of Gladiators at an outpost near the asteroid belt of Sullust.

The Rebel attack was ferocious—almost Imperial-like—as his MC80 and other ships barrelled straight towards my ships. However, this ferocity was futile in the face of my overwhelming firepower and all of his ships, save his MC80, quickly lay shattered in the asteroid field. Furthermore, I used the newly acquired tractor beam technology to force the MC80 into the middle of an asteroid field.

The MC80, though, proved to be a formidable opponent. It brought its powerful front and side arc to bear on my Imperial Destroyer and destroyed it in a shocking blast. I desperately rushed in my remaining Gladiators and Raider and he was able to destroy one Gladiator and drive off the Raider.

It was only my trusted Demolisher that was able to turn the tide of battle…

– Commander Screed

Opponent: Norm. A top notch player of X-Wing and Armada

Objective: Contested Outpost

Initiative: Norm

My army:

  • Imperial Star Destroyer II with tractor beam, enhanced armament, and Admiral Motti
  • A Raider
  • A Gladiator I with Assault Concussion Missiles
  • A Gladiator I with Assault Concussion Missiles, Wulf Yularen, Engine Techs, and the new Ordnance Specialists
  • Boba Fett
  • Tie fighter

Opposing army:

  • MC 80 (command version I believe) with enhanced comms and General Rieekan
  • MC 30 with Assault Proton Torpedoes and Ordnance Specialists
  • Corvette B with Adar Talon
  • Corvette B
  • 3 B-wings
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Dutch Vander
  • Nym


Setup: Once I saw that the other army had Rieekan, I chose to be second player—Rieekan’s ability means that going first and killing a ship has much less effect. In turn, Norm chose contested outpost as his objective.

I set up a line of obstacles and then placed the station behind it—I thought Norm would be forced to fly around the obstacles giving me precious time to rack up victory points and destroy his Starfighters with my Raider. Consequently, I placed my Demolisher on the left, Imperial Star Destroyer II in the middle and my Raider and Gladiator I on the right. I set up the ISD II to move at speed 1 so I would have maximum opportunity to turn to face the rebels.

Norm opposed me with his MC30 on the left, the MC80 in the middle, and his two corvette’s on the right.


Round 1

This was a maneuvering round with all of our ships flying slowly towards each other. The squadron’s skirmished a bit with Boba Fett’s rogue ability coming in somewhat handy.

The Corvettes moved farther to the right and faced off against my Gladiator I. His MC30 advanced towards my Demolisher and his MC80 lumbered towards my ISD. A large number of star fighters began to surround Boba Fett and my Tie Fighter was exceptionally lucky in surviving against Luke Skywalker.


Round 2

His Corvette Bs surprised me with one swinging to face my ISD (and turning its side to my Raider) and the other going straight towards my Gladiator I. As they are very fragile ships, I had been expecting them to fly around to try and get rear shots so this move surprised me greatly!

My Raider did some serious damage to the Corvette B and was forced to ram it as I had nowhere else to move.

His MC30 went close to my Demolisher and I shot it using the Demolisher’s move and shoot ability. The MC80 and ISD traded some shots at long range, and I used the ISD’s tractor beam to slow the MC80 down—right onto an asteroid.

Nym managed to break through my fighter cover and bomb the ISD to remove one of its defense tokens. The other squadrons were particularly unlucky and unable to kill Boba Fett. My Tie Fighter died to Luke’s guns.

Round 3

His Corvette B in front of my raider attacked my ISD and then accidentally rammed an asteroid. I then activated my Gladiator I and used it to obliterate the Corvette B (though it was able to fire back due to General Rieekan on his next activation)

I then used my Demolisher to destroy his MC30. I was surprised that I killed it on my first shot of this round, but it has very weak hull after its shields collapse. I then used my second shot to attack the MC80 and moved my Gladiator into the rear of the MC30.

The MC30 went next and shot my Demolisher; however, it only has 1 blue and 1 black die in the rear and Norm wasn’t able to roll a black critical to activate his Assault Proton Torpedoes, even with his Ordnance Experts.

My Raider went next and shot at some fighters and moved towards the MC80.

Finally, the MC80 and Imperial Star Destroyer traded shots. He stripped my shields and I stripped most of his shields. Also, as a Corvette B was right in front of the ISD, I rammed it in order to kill it off.


Round 4

I was feeling pretty good with 3 of Norm’s ships being killed off and mine only suffering light damage. However this changed in one die roll…

Norm activated his MC80 and then shot me twice. I was shocked when his attacks did 9 damage to the ISD II and killed it off (it even had 3 extra life because of Admiral Motti!).

I then rushed my Gladiator I, Demolisher and Raider towards the MC80 in order to try to finish it off.

Boba Fett finally died in the squadron battle, but the Raider was able to finish off Luke, Dutch, and a B-wing in exchange.

Round 5

I moved all my ships into the side arc of the MC80 and straight into the swarm of remaining B-wings. The MC80 did a large amount of damage to my Gladiator I and then his B-wings finished it off.

Needless to say, I was very worried as Norm had a lot more points of kills and I wasn’t sure the contested outpost victory points would make up for it.

Round 6

Norm activated his MC80 and then shot at the Demolisher. I held my breath as the dice were rolled…Enough damage to strip the Gladiators shields and do 2 hull damage to it!

I then activated my Demolisher and fired my front arc. I rolled only 3 damage so using my reroll ability from Ordnance Experts I rolled only 3 damage again—with no crit! I was very worried at this point as I had only one more shot left.

I used my side arc to fire at the MC80 and rolled a monstrously large amount of damage, which combined with the Assault Concussion Missiles, finished off the MC80. I then flew the Demolisher and Raider away from the B-wings.

Funnily enough, because of General Rieekan, Norm was able to score the contested outpost on the last round as it survives until the end of the round.

Result: Imperial Victory


Final thoughts

The Rebel’s new MC80 is a fearsome foe indeed! It is a match for even our advanced ISD IIs and even my beloved Demolisher. I foresee a day soon when the Rebel fleet will be more than a match for our own.

Commander Screed

I’m impressed with the Raider and MC80. The Raider packs a huge punch for such a small ship and the MC80 is a match for anything less than a Star Destroyer. General Rieekan was also very effective as it allowed my opponent to attack me several times after I had killed his ships.

I had a great time playing the Battle of Sullust tournament at 401 Games. I want to give a special thanks to Victor who organized the tournament and all the other players who made the tournament such a great event!



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