Blunders of Epic Proportions

Deployment! Deployment! Deployment!

That’s the lesson I learned from playing my first ever team Epic game recently. Oh, and don’t roll blanks on all your evade dice. That’s the footnote lesson.

I hung out with some well known Toronto players, Josh, James and Yik. Josh and James commanded the Empire while Yik and I fielded the Rebels.


The game was over after turn 2. The Empire deployed their bombers too far away and they were out of the fight until turn 3. By that time, the entire rebel force had managed to wipe out half the Imperial force deployed directly across the table. It didn’t help matters that Josh’s dice refused to roll anything but blanks. It was actually quite funny, we couldn’t believe it.


In epic, you can deploy at range 2, so you are fighting on turn 1. It’s a very different game than standard X-Wing.  It seems to be more of a blood bath. So when you set up for Epic, keep in mind you’re fighting right away.


When we called it, the rebels had amazingly lost only a single Z-95. Bad Deployment + Bad Luck = I can’t believe that just happened.

Even though it was such a lopsided game, it was still a great night. Hanging out with good guys and laughing at the funny moments is what it makes playing games like this enjoyable.


We managed to take some pictures, so here they are in two separate galleries for your pleasure.



3 thoughts on “Blunders of Epic Proportions”

  1. Agreed.

    Despite terrible luck on TIE Fighter defense dice, questionable squad composition (60pt Decimator pinata, I’m looking at you), and very wide deployment, it was still a fun game.

    Any huge game of X-wing played on pimped out tables with custom terrain is a good time.

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