6 thoughts on “Comic Strip: Golden Escort”

  1. I want a rematch. This time, upgrade Dark Curse to Mauler Mithel, slap Swarm Tactics on both him and Howlrunner, and keep them in formation. Shouldn’t have too much trouble with those pesky Y-wings when you show them the true nature of the Dark Side!

    1. iNano78, you might not believe this, but I use to enjoy flying the mighty and thematic TIE Swarm. In that comic, I was the swarm player! Notice that both of us didn’t know how to fly and just charged each other, and how I couldn’t stay in formation? Yup, the good old days of Wave 2 🙂

      1. I missed that this was from way back in early 2013. You need to do more of these. They’re awesome!

        Would be good to see a modern Fat Han vs whatever, with C3PO telling Han the odds while Han hollers to Luke not to get cocky before punching it to hyperspace (boost) to get out of trouble. Or Dash ignoring asteroids in his Outrider while trying to punch out TIE Phantoms with the HLC (harder to find material for this, but I’m sure you could think of something). 🙂

        1. Very Inspiring! The problem with the comics are they take so long to do and busy life gets in the way. However, your ideas are really good, so I’ll try to get one done. I think a Falcon crew bantering back and forth with C-3P0 needs to be done!

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