Acrylic base chits for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

Cool Acrylic Tokens for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

Since launching the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster co-op campaign back in fall 2015, I’ve seen a lot of custom components for it pop up around the internet.

Heroes Fan Ben Adams recently offered to send me some really nice ones he’s been making, over on his Etsy shop Highbridge Design and of course I said yes.

I’ve got to say, I’m blown away by how nice these are. Here’s some pics of what he sent me:

Acrylic tokens for Heroes of the Aturi ClusterFirst off, seeing the message on that custom laser-etched template tray made me laugh, and I really appreciate it. It’s stury, magnetized, and happens to be the same dimensions as my other X-wing cases.

I think it looks nice in wood, I am likely going to paint it up to match the logo on the printed materials.

Acrylic base chits for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Ben also sent me a slew of acrylic base chits with numbers, for both large and small ships.

These streamline two important parts of playing Heroes: numbering the enemy ships and comparing the maneuver instructions on their AI cards to what’s happening on the table. No more messing around with the tombstone numbers, or holding the AI card over the ship base to figure out which arc the target is in.

These came with the paper backing still on (that comes stuck on acrylic sheets),  so that I could use it as a mask to accurately paint all the numbers and grooves. It was a couple hours of extra setup, but the results are well worth the effort. The chits in the photograph above have been painted.

I am particularly impressed with how snug they fit onto the ship bases. Some serious trial and error went into getting these just right.

Acrylic XP tokens for Heroes of the Aturi ClusterFinally, there was a whole bagof XP tokens for use with Heroes, in the shape of medals. These are a welcome touch to make bookkeeping easier while playing.

If you’re looking to bling out your set of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, definitely check out Highbridge Design. I can’t recommend those base chits enough.


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