Cool Star Wars on Youtube

Up first we have a great little documentary from VICE (which, by the way, was started in Montreal back in the day). It’s about Phil Tippett, the guy who gave us Tauntauns, the Rancor and AT-ATs. A very interesting look at his life’s work, and the industry. Best part is him talking about tripping on LCD with his pet.

My Life In Monsters: Meet the Animator Behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park

From Tested we get an amazing Rancor Costume. Interesting if you watched the video above, as they found it impossible to make a convincing Rancor Costume for Return of the Jedi.

Building a Rancor Costume (from Tested: The Show!)

Last, we have scientific proof of what terrible shots Stormtroopers are. Someone tallied all the hits and misses of every shot a Stormie made in Star Wars: A New Hope. Most Impressive.

Every Stormtrooper Shot Fired in Star Wars (A New Hope)



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