Custom Fel Pilot/PTL card & token stack

If you’re reading this article it’s a certainty that you’ve played in a game either with or against Soontir Fel. He is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile and cost-effective ships in the game and has not lost any effectiveness as more waves have come out. Personally, I’ve never seen a game with Soontir Fel where he wasn’t upgraded with Push the Limit. In reality, he should pretty much just cost 30 points with PTL built in and drop his elite pilot slot because there’s nothing that makes him more effective. Part and parcel to using Fel with PTL is the Soontir token stack of two focus, an evade, and a stress. I thought I’d put together an article to show some of the customization I’ve done to make a custom Fel card with Push the Limit built in alongside a single consolidated token stack. To start, here’s what you’ll need:

You’ll need one Soontir Fel pilot card, a Push the Limit upgrade card, some scotch tape, white glue, and the following tokens: focus x2, evade, and stress. First, we’ll go through making the merged Fel/PTL card. Once you have this made, you’ll never need to keep track of your Soontir Fel and Push the Limit separately and you’ll always have the Baron ready to go.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is turn the glue bottle upside down at around a 45 degree angle. It’s really important to make sure that you have the spout of the glue bottle facing down. If you have the glue on an angle with the spout facing up you’ll have the glue running down the side of the bottle and that will really decrease the precision with which you place the glue.

I chose to put my Push the Limit card at a rakish angle on the upper-right corner of the Fel pilot card. That way, the art of the TIE Interceptor isn’t too obscured and the text on both cards is always fully visible. But don’t feel compelled to follow my example; be creative and put the card wherever you feel inspired to put it. It’s important to put downward pressure on the PTL card to ensure that the layer of glue is as flat as possible between the PTL card and the Fel pilot card. Not doing so may result in the PTL card not sticking to the pilot card.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the glue to dry and, bingo-boom-shacka-lacka, you’ve got your combined Fel/PTL card and will never be in danger of misplacing one component again. So now that you’ve got your combined card, let’s get to work on the token stack! Before you start, think of how you want your token stack to look. I prefer the “face” arrangement where the focus tokens are the two eyes, the stress token is the nose, and the evade token is the mouth. Seeing the tokens arranged in this way makes me nostalgic for Mr. Potato Head and fills me with a warm, glowing, warming glow. But, again, let your muse guide you and arrange the tokens in the way you’d like to see them most.

Use your scotch tape to keep your token stack together and remember to have the sticky side of the tape against the tokens. If you have the sticky side up it’s not going to do a great job of holding the tokens together and you’re going to get all kinds of filth and crud stuck to the token stack that may make the tokens hard to read.

Use several pieces of tape on either side of the token stack to ensure that your tokens stay together in the way you want them to. Having this token stack will really save you time during tournaments. If you’ve played Fel, it’s a certainty that you’ve wasted dozens of seconds playing each token individually when you do the focus/focus/evade (or “Soontir shuffle”, as I like to call it). Now, you can throw your token stack down like a boss and get on with your game.

So here are the final versions of the combined card and token stack that I made:

I’ve trimmed the tape with some normal household scissors but if you’re looking for a higher level of precision around the rounded edges of the tokens a set of toenail clippers is a good idea (clean them first) or, if you have pet gerbils, you can put a little bit of peanut butter around the edges and those little buggers will gnaw that extra tape right off and give your token stack an antique distressed look.

As with any of these customizations, there’s really no wrong way to do it and you’re only limited by your imagination. I just used the stock versions of these components but with alternate art cards for both the Soontir Fel pilot card and Push the Limit and a wide variety of after-market tokens the possibilities are pretty much endless. Have fun with this idea and please post pictures of your creations to inspire other players!


5 thoughts on “Custom Fel Pilot/PTL card & token stack”

  1. Great article as always! You’ve convinced me to glue a PTL card to Tycho, although not on an angle. Of all your ideas, gluing on an angle is a little silly imho.

    Come to think of it, I hate piling stress tokens up beside Tycho. Your article gave me the idea of using a clicker to keep track of them. Back when I was a bouncer at various nightclubs, we’d use clickers to keep track of people coming and going (to stay within fire code limits). Now I can just keep one big clicker beside the model on the table instead of a pile of ugly stress tokens! Brilliant!

    Waps, You’ve really got me inspired today!

    1. Don’t know how old this post is, but maybe you could do an article showing how to mount your clicker to a small ship base, then you could mount your y-wing or a-wing to it. And dont forget to melt an acrylic stress token into the clicker so we don’t forget what its for.

  2. I thought the glue was to put a focus token ontop of the stress token, and the stress on the PTL card- using the tape to make a hinge for Soontir Fel + PTL

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