Custom Repaint: B-Wing Blue Squadron with Rebel Logo

This is a repaint I did to change up the look of a standard Blue Squadron B-Wing. It’s been modded to be fully rotational as usual and I wanted to try a freehand rebel logo on the wing. It came out rather well.

I had the idea after reading about how a painter called “Rodent Mastermind” did his logos. It seemed pretty straight forward and it really was. Here is his theory described step by step.


You can see his original thread in this link. I recommend you check it out and his work, even just to look at it. It’s very well done.

Here are the rest of the pictures for my B-Wing. A quick logo like this can really spruce up a model.

20140812_181544 20140812_181621 20140812_181603 20140812_181536





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