Custom Repaint: Green Squad A-Wing

Here is a Green Squadron A-Wing completely repainted. The model was first stripped of all factory paint by placing it into a jar of brake fluid.

IMG_0126The process can take a day or two. What I did was place the model in a jar of brake fluid and let it sit overnight. In the morning I took an old toothbrush and scrubbed off some of the paint. After that I put the A-Wing back in the jar and went to work.

IMG_0130That same day after I came home from work, I again scrubbed and again put the A-Wing back in the jar. Don’t worry about the model melting. I’ve left models in a jar for a few days when I went away for a weekend. The type of brake fluid I use does not melt the plastic at all.

Use you’re judgement though! Don’t be lazy and leave the model to soak forever. Let the model soak, remove and scrub it, inspect it, and then place it back in the jar as needed.

While scrubbing be mindful that the brake fluid can flick into your eyes, so be careful. If you are paranoid, wear latex gloves and eye goggles, otherwise just be very careful how you scrub, as brake fluid is acidic. Don’t scrub so things are flicking up into your face!

IMG_0129I got my brake fluid at Canadian Tire. For those Americans reading this not understanding why there is French on the bottle of brake fluid, Canada is officially bilingual and all labels must have French as well as English on them.

You can find brake fluid in the auto section of the store. The bottle costs around $5. You won’t find a better stripper at that price.

IMG_0124You’ll always have a little bit of paint in the cracks. By a little bit I mean a miniscule amount. It does nothing and so you should just leave it.

I primed the model in grey, and if I was to do it again I’d prime it in white.

02The green is Dark Angels Green with a Snot Green highlight. The red on the guns is Evil Sunz red.

05The yellow in the engines is Golden Yellow with a Sunburst Yellow highlight.

08The body is just a basic white and I edged the panel lines with a good 000 brush of thinned Black Ink. If you thinned it to a good consistency the paint will run into the panel lines on it’s own.

09Some of the grey panels are just a light wash of black ink watered down where the white peeks out. Other panels have a base coat of Codex Grey then were given a thinned highlight of Fortress Grey.

The battle damage was done by taking a small drill and drilling two holes. Then a few coats of thinned Black Ink was applied to give the effect of small blaster damage or fires that burned out at high speed.

07I used a gloss varnish on the model and regret it as it’s much too shiny. Today I would use a no gloss varnish to seal it.  Much later on I added some carbon scoring at the same time I did it to Tycho’s A-Wing. On this Green Squadron A-Wing I wanted to see what a heavy amount would look like. Here is a link to the video on how to do carbon scoring.

I’m not 100% sold on the results, but it does look like this little guy has seen some rough fighting.

10I like to imagine the story behind him is that he’s part of an elite squad or rebels that are always struggling to get fresh supplies. The little triangles were hand painted and add a great touch to the model, making it seem less messy.

Below is a gallery of my photos for this little guy. I’m a huge fan of the A-Wing model and painting up this Green Squadron pilot was a lot of fun and worth the effort.




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