Custom Repaint: Green Squadron X-Wing

Here is an X-Wing I repainted in the colours of Green Squadron.

Like most of my X-Wing repaints, I didn’t strip the model but painted over it. To match the FFG colour, I used old GW paints. I mixed Komando Khaki and a little bit of Rotting Flesh. The cockpit can be touched up with some Elf Grey. If you don’t have those out of print paints, you can match them to newer ones by using painting charts found with a google search.

The brown was done with a few random brown ink washes. For the life of me I can’t remember what green paint I used for the squadron markings or what grey I used for the hull plate repairs, so I apologize for that. A gentle green can be seen on my Armada A-Wings found here complete with instructions on how to achieve it.

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4 thoughts on “Custom Repaint: Green Squadron X-Wing”

  1. I’d like to start repainting some of my X-Wing miniatures but I don’t have a very wide variety of modeling paints in my area. Do you think that Testors Enamel paint will work?

    1. Testors enamel is a bad idea for miniatures work, because it’s oil-based. It requires chemicals for paint thinning and cleanup (which can damage plastic models such as those for X-wing), and can be difficult to work with.

      Your best option is to find any acrylic-based miniatures paint, even if you have to order some online. Acrylic paints can be thinned and cleaned up with water and generally have a better consistency to paint with straight out of the bottle.

      P3 or Reaper brands are both good for starting out. Vallejo is good too but a little more difficult to work with straight from the bottle.

      Further reading:

  2. Josh is correct, acrylic paint is the way to go.

    Personally, I love Vallejo paint and have never found any difficulty with it’s consistency.

    I’d also suggest you google “wet palette” and learn to work off that. It has revolutionized the way I paint by saving me lots of time.

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