Custom Repaint: Horton Salm

I just love Y-Wings. Even though they always die in the movies, they look great doing it! What Star Wars fan can’t recite “stay on target” or “Lost Tiree, lost Hutch. They came from behind….” on cue?

By the way, I might have just opened a can of worms with the Dutch vs Hutch debate, but lets not go there. I want to talk about Horton Salm today.

I find I never run him, nor does anyone else these days. Still, he has a great ability and was the original rebel missile option way back in wave one. The problem was, no one ran missiles so no one used Horton much back then either. Poor little Horton, but hey at least his card art looks pretty cool, right?

When looking at that card art one fateful day, I decided to repaint a Y-Wing to look like that.

This was the result.

The one thing I don’t like about the FFG Y-Wing models is the lack or a turret. I custom built Horton’s turret using bits from a battleship model kit.


One thought on “Custom Repaint: Horton Salm”

  1. That’s cool reading this post. I just used him on the weekend and he was awesome. My opponent could not stand his re-roll skill. I find that this tank of the ship with the ion turret still makes for a good value! I just wish I owned one as I had to borrow it 🙁
    Someday soon!

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