Custom Repaint: Red 5 Luke Skywalker, standing by

This is probably my favorite X-Wing  repaint I have done to date.  I do love the glowing engines in my Millennium Falcon, but playing Star Wars as a kid, I was always Luke Skywalker and my best friend Han Solo, so Luke’s X-Wing has a soft spot in my heart.


I did this repaint over a year ago using movie models of Luke’s X-Wing during Yavin as a reference. It’s an improvement over my first Luke Skywalker, which I did right after purchasing the game.


I flew him to good success in wave 3, running him in a four X-Wing joust squad with Luke having R2-D2 and Draw Their Fire, flying formation with Biggs and 2 Rookies.


I remember after repainting Luke, I was so eager to fly him in a furball at Gryphcon (a yearly gaming event in Guelph, Ontario) that I almost showed up a couple weeks early. I would have driven all the way out there if Don (R5Don4) hadn’t messaged me asking, “wait, you don’t actually think it’s this weekend do you?”

05Of course , no Luke Skywalker X-Wing would be complete without his little friend R2-D2 riding shotgun. He was pretty tricky to paint but I’m happy with how he came out. In X-Wing Miniatures, I don’t think I’ve ever flown Luke without R2-D2, that just wouldn’t be Star Wars now would it!

06Sadly, I lost my painting notes when my hard drive crashed. However, for those interested, here are some basic colours I use when repainting X-Wings.

Hull Colour – Vallejo Deck Tan 70% and Vallejo Khaki 30%

Red – GW’s Blood Red

Weathering Effect – take a sponge and lightly dab the body colour on the red and it will give a natural effect as of chipping paint

Brown Weathering – various brown inks from GW’s range, applied lightly






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  1. The fact that you painted artoo on there so well puts this in the top of the class. I wish I could paint that detailed.

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