Custom Repaint: Scum & Villainy Y-wing – The YakWing

Another Yakuza inspired ship, this time a Y-wing which will forever be known as the YakWing. The old wishbone is about as fast as a Yak so the name certainly fits.

This paintjob proved to be quite a bit different than normal. To start with, most of the ship was painted with several layers of different washes. This was made in an effort to make it look really old and worn.

It’s also represents the first time I tried painting OSL, Object Source Lightning. OSL means painting like there is a lightsource somewhere on or around the model, in this case the engines and the glow it projects around it. For a first try I think it came out pretty good.

Unlike it’s Z-95 siblings, the extreme lack of flat surfaces meant that I couldn’t cheat with water slide decals so the rising sun motif and the Lotus flower symbol on the left engine pod is hand painted. Also note that the astromech is painted as the named Scum & Villainy mech “Genius”! Overall I’m very pleased with this one.

Re-posted with permission from Macross_VF1 of The Alternative Wargamer


3 thoughts on “Custom Repaint: Scum & Villainy Y-wing – The YakWing”

  1. The details are superb on this model and I agree that the OSL came out well, especially for a first try. Love the “genius” droid and the rising sun motif is very hard to paint. Lots of skill on display here!

  2. Many people think that painting eyes on a Warhammer model or something similar is hard. Trust me that is something I would choose to do in a heartbeat compared to painting a detailed astromech!

    Of course, seeing at is “Genius”, the guy who wanted the ship now have no choice but to equip that mech every time he uses the ship. So I decree, and so it shall be. 😀

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