Custom Repaint: TIE Phantom for a Friend

This is a repaint I did for my friend Don (R5Don4).  He requested I paint him a Whisper de-cloaking with a cockpit like the one pictured on the PS 5 Shadow Squadron Pilot card.


Like the B-Wing I did for Yik, I decided to write “Don” in Aurebesh under the cockpit. Here is a reference of the Aurebesh alphabet for the curious.



I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about doing the de-cloack effect. I was considering using smudges like those seen on Whisper’s card art, but in the end I decided to stand on the shoulders of a giant in miniature painting, and copied Kenneth’s method, for the most part, which you can take a look at here on his blog.

For those interested, here is what I did exactly. The black is Vallejo Black paint. I then drybushed the black area lightly with Codex Grey.  The base coat of the “electricity” lines were painted in Imperial Blue. Next, the lines were lightened up with Enchanted Blue,  then highlighted again with an Enchanted Blue and Silver Grey mix. Some “sparking” areas along the lines were touched with thinned white for a final highlight. Lastly, I took Black Ink and traced a line on the outside edges of the de-cloack effect to define the break between the cloak and the hull of the ship.

20150124_213006For the cockpit windows I used Scarlett Red (Vallejo) as a base coat. Then I highlighted the front half edge in Blood Red and finally gave a thin wash of Orange Fire (Vallejo) to highlight the very edge of the windows so that they stand out more.

20150124_213626I happened to play Don in a Store Championship soon after painting his ship, and he used the model against me in a match! It was good for me, but bad for him, that his model turned traitor and pitied its painter.  Don rolled horrendously with his TIE Phantom attacks, never getting more than 2 hits with focused 4-5 dice all game!04After finishing Don’s Phantom, I liked the paint scheme so much, I painted another TIE Phantom for myself. If Don and I play again, I hope the model will still pity its painter.





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