Custom Repaint: Tycho’s A-Wing

This was a fairly quick touch up job on the stock FFG A-Wing. In my opinion, the A-Wing is one of the best looking pre-paints in the X-Wing line. The colours are great, the model is beautiful, everything is good “out of the box” so all the A-Wing needs is a little bit of TLC to make it really stand out.


It’s always fun to personalize models and I’ve done so with every single rebel ship I own. This A-Wing is different in that it doesn’t take a lot of work to make it unique!


The blast shots and black scoring on the nose are done with black and brown inks. Use thinned inks to get a lighter look and pure ink out of the bottle, or multiple layers of thinned ink to get a darker effect.


If you need to match the red on the A-Wing, then Vallejo’s Scarlett Red 72.012 is almost a perfect match.

I was inspired by Secret Weapon Miniatures’ YouTube post on how to quickly weather the A-Wing. The video is well done and I used the technique on the rear of the ship to get that Star Wars used technology feel. Even if you’re not a painter, you can do this to all your rebel ships and add some character. Check out the video below.

I’m happy how the A-Wing turned out and recommend it as a starting model if you’re thinking of getting into repainting your X-Wing ships. The model looks great out of the box and a few touch ups can make it really stand out.





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