Debris fields: Who benefits?

Something that has been in the rules for a while now is that players each get to choose three obstacles, and that both asteroids and debris fields are legal. Although not seen by many, your choice of pilots and obstacles do effect each other, at least if you’re playing to win.

For those uninitiated, when you go through a debris field, instead of taking damage on a hit or critical, you only take damage from a critical. In addition to rolling the dice, you also take a stress. Also note that you may fire from a debris field.

Keeping in mind that stress is such a big part of how debris fields work, the following pilots likely benefit from using them instead of asteroids:

Debris fields do not concern me. I want that win, no excuses.
Debris fields do not concern me. I want that win, no excuses.

Since debris fields only effect ships during the activation phase (as you can fire from over one), Dash suffers no ill-effect from going through, or even landing on a debris field. R5Don4 from my local game store even nicknames a play area that has six debris fields “Dash’s Playground”. 100% chance of navigating a series of debris fields sounds a lot better than the 3720-1 chances of navigating an asteroid field, so anyone flying Dash should definitely consider using debris fields.

Remember everyone saying he was overpowered? Yet, how little use does he see?
Remember everyone saying he was overpowered? Yet, how little use does he see?

This man loves stress.  Heck, he even gets a stronger shot when shooting a ship that carries a rebel captive! Run this man through a debris field and watch as it acts as a focus. Combine with advanced sensors for added fun.

Rhymes with Psycho
Because going into the Death Star is stressful.

So, stress is then main penalty? Tycho doesn’t give a Rancor’s tail about stress.

Non-rebels benefit as well.
Non-rebels benefit as well.

While Yorr himself may not ‘benefit’ directly, a list choosing hi, will get more mileage out of his ability.

Stress: Not always a trap.
Stress: Not always a trap.

Similar to her B-Wing battle brother above, this Mon Calamari pilot does benefit from stress, although she is left with the challenge of getting rid of it herself.

Like how Sharks are attracted to blood...
Like how Sharks are attracted to blood…

Vrill would clearly benefit from having opponents silly enough to slam through a debris field.

Others that come to mind as being less effected than others include Porkins and Hobbie, who would be more easily capable of shredding the stress, as well as Chewie and Leebo, who are better equipped to deal with the critical. The inclusion of Leebo means all three named YT-2400 pilots benefit, and given that this is the ship the debris fields come with, seems fitting. Not sure if FFG intended that, but either way, its a fun fact.

Note that I was thinking of saying Soontir would benefit via gaining a focus, but then figured that he wants his actions, especially the movement ones waaaaaaay to badly to even consider flying through one of these.

May the force be with you, pilot.




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  1. The possibilities with Farlander are interesting. With AS, B-Wing/E-2, and Gunner you could get what amounts to double focus by flying through a debris field for a key shot.

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