Casual X-Wing & Heroes of the Arturi Cluster @ Brew Wizards Board Game Cafe -Oshawa

Event Details

This event finished on 26 September 2017

Starting  Tuesday, October 4th and continuing every Tuesday one lucky person has a chance to win a randomly chosen Ship model at the end of every month! All you have to do is show up and sign in to get your name entered into the draw. Each Tuesday you show up increases your chance to win.

The ship for the first draw happening at the end of October. The only hint I’ll give is it’s a small based ship that everyone needs.

This place aspires to be the gold standard for THE place to play xwing; friendly, spacious, good food and drinks (coffee and beer!), And a chance to win FREE stuff! Mind blown. A little bird told me that the ships may have custom paint jobs as well!

For new players and anyone else interested, Heroes of the Aturi Cluster will also be available to play. It’s co-op and progessive, an excellent way to get a feel for the  game.

See you all on Tuesday!



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