Original Trilogy X-Wing Tourney @ 401 Games

Event Details

Cover Charge: $5

Prizes: To Be Announced Soon

75 minute rounds

Come down to Dueling Grounds and try DockingBay416’s new format for playing X-Wing, OT Play (Original Trilogy Play).

Everyone brings two lists, one Imperial, one Rebel, each flying ships only seen in the Original Trilogy movies. Same faction match-ups are not permitted!

Legal Ships:




TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE Advanced
TIE Bomber
Lambda Shuttle

Any upgrade cards are permitted except Palpatine and TLT’s. The idea behind this ban is to move away from Meta lists and encourage more variety on the table.

Also banned are “double falcon” lists, or two named falcon pilots in the same list. We felt this would look very non-thematic on the table.

First round pairings are random. The Player with the lowest total initiative gets to pick which list he plays (add the two lists together, lowest combined squad points has initiative). Remember, same faction match-ups are not allowed.

In the following rounds, the lower seeded player picks which list he will fly.

Come out for some OT fun and fly the ships you’ve loved as a kid!


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