Prototype Toronto League

Event Details

This event finished on 20 May 2016

Season 4, week 1, has begun! It will run from April 4th until May 23rd.

1. The league season is 7 weeks
2. Each player can only play another player once in the the season for league pts
3. Each player can play max 7 league games
4. Each player can play max 3 league games per week (mon-sun)
5. League games, *exact* lists and results must be reported by monday afternoon to count for the week previous
6. A TO or other sufficiently impartial player must be there for adjudications. If there is an unresolved dispute concerning an issue and there was no TO or impartial witness to decide it, then the match does not count for league pts.
7. A player cannot use the same list twice in a season. This means a player may only use a named pilot card *once* per season. In addition, a player may not play a list consisting *only* of the same number of the same generic ships twice. (see the comments on this sticky for an example)
8. League games must be played at a GTA location. (Many of us favour F2F, but Duelling Grounds, Meeplemart, Hairy T, X-planet and all the others are good).
9. Matches follow standard FFG dogfight tournament rules and 1.15 hour time frame.
10. If you don’t turn up at the time and place pre-arranged with your opponent, without reasonable notice for postponement, you forfeit all pts. Your opponent gets full pts.
11. If you play an illegal list you forfeit. Your opponent gets full pts.
12. A minimum of 4 matches is required to earn participation prizes.

Top 4
The top 4 highest-ranked players will play off in an elimination mini-tourney to determine the final top rankings.

Reporting matches
1. Post exact lists and results here on the FB page.

1. Playing a league match earns 2 pts.
2. a win earns 2 pts.
3. a modified win or a tie game earns 1 pt.
4. Points-killed is recorded and used to settle ties, with # matches won as a second tie-breaker.

Match etiquette
The league expects its players not to engage in ‘list switching’ to win games. It up to players to prevent this, but some recommended practices are:

1. Players should plan to match against an opponent’s list that could contain anything.
2. Players should not reveal their lists until they are ready to play and reveal them more or less simultaneously.
3. There should be no alterations to prepared lists after they are revealed.


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