Gencon 2015 Roundup for Armada

Thanks to many online resources (Dice Tower, Team Covenant, FFG Forums, google image search) those of us not able attend could still get pretty close to feeling like we were part of Gencon from the comfort of our computers, hand held devices and mobile phones.

I’ve decided to do a roundup of the Imperial Assault, Armada and X-Wing news I came across for Gencon 2015.

Very little went on with Armada outside of the tourney, and no new spoilers were revealed.

Last year’s Gencon saw the announcement of Star Wars Armada. By contrast this year was quiet as far as news, but that might be because the new Star Wars movie is coming out.

Of the three Star Wars tabletop miniature games that FFG makes, Armada has the least amount of on screen content. Pretty much all the ships from the movies are going to be available as of wave two. Sure we can expect the Liberty Mon Cal, but other than that, it’s all EU going forward. FFG has announced that Episode 7 content is in the pipeline but they aren’t allowed to talk about it. I’m guessing Armada’s future waves will have ships from the movie.

As mentioned in the X-Wing roundup, the big news for us Canadians was that Lion Rampant’s handling of Nationals was brought up @ 58:20 during the 2015 Inflight Report. Looks like FFG is aware many players aren’t happy and FFG will be supervising more closely in the future. I’m revealed to hear it!

What we did see of Armada were painted versions of the next wave. The ships look gorgeous and the fact that they are so big, we should be seeing lots of LED engine treatment going on. I’m hoping to mod some ships myself time permitting. Here are some pictures of the next wave. A01 01 03 04 05 02image_zpssi6hny0l 001 image_zpsynwlhucp image_zpso1j5kceiThere was also the American National Championship held for Armada. High activation ship count and few fighters carried the day. Unsurprisingly, Imperials with Gladiators took top spot. Below are pictures of the standings, the winning list and the top two players of the championship.

06 07 08Last are pictures of the prize kit awarded to the winners and participants of the tourney.

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