Gencon 2015 Roundup for Imperial Assault

Thanks to many online resources (Dice Tower, Team Covenant, FFG Forums, google image search) those of us not able attend could still get pretty close to feeling like we were part of Gencon from the comfort of our computers, hand held devices and mobile phones.

I’ve decided to do a roundup of the Imperial Assault, Armada and X-Wing news I came across for Gencon 2015.

Imperial Assault had arguably the most exciting news of the bunch!

There was a huge news splash, the announcement of a brand new expansion called Return to Hoth!

IA 10IA 21 IA 22 IA 23

The expansion will feature 3 new rebel heroes,  Imperial Snow Troopers, Wampas, a new hover tank (from the old Star Wars Battlefront!) and HK Assassin droids to take care of all your meat-bag concerns.

There will also be new blister packs giving us Dengar, Leia, Echo Base Troopers and Imperial General Sorin.

IA 02FFG threw up a preview article about them you can find here.

The models look very nicely sculpted. Hopefully FFG has improved the plastic quality.  Lots to look forward to! Below are the best pictures I came across of various Imperial Assault minis and unboxing photos.

IA 01 IA 03 IA 04 IA 05 IA 06 IA 07 IA 08 IA 09 IA 11 IA 12 IA 13 IA 15 IA 16 IA 17 IA 18 IA 19 IA 20












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