Gencon 2015 Roundup for X-Wing

Thanks to many online resources (Dice Tower, Team Covenant, FFG Forums, google image search) those of us not able attend could still get pretty close to feeling like we were part of Gencon from the comfort of our computers, hand held devices and mobile phones.

I’ve decided to do a roundup of the Imperial Assault, Armada and X-Wing news I came across for Gencon 2015.

Let’s see what went on in the world of X-Wing.

The biggest news for us Canadians was that Lion Rampant’s handling of Nationals was brought up @ 58:20 during the 2015 Inflight Report. Looks like FFG is aware many players aren’t happy and FFG will be supervising more closely in the future. I’m happy to hear it.

FFG showed off lots of new ships. Disney’s new Rebels Cartoon got a nod from the game and will be part of wave 8.

XW 03The Rebel Ghost and the Imperial Inquisitor’s TIE are both from the show.  There is a brief write up from FFG about the wave over here.

The sculpts look good.

XW 16 XW 17 XW 18 XW 19 XW 20XW 23Also from the Rebels cartoon a new ship for Epic play, the Gozanti TIE carrier, will soon grace tables. You can read about it over here.

XW 24XW 25The American National Champ winner flew a YT-2400 vs a Soontir list in the finals. It’s always good to see Imperials vs Rebels in the last game of a tourney. Below are pictures of their lists as well as the prize kit.

XW 04XW 21 - finals XW 22 - finalsLastly, there were some unboxing photos posted. For those of you who missed them, have a look below.

XW 05 XW 06 XW 07 XW 08 XW 09 XW 10 XW 11 XW 12 XW 13 XW 14




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