Gommette Your Asteroids!

Remi Dumais, a player I met in Gatineau during the regionals had some great X-Wing hacks. Here’s one of them.

Remi takes “Fun Tak,” or if you’re from Quebec “Gommette,” and places them on his asteroids…

Then during asteroid placement he flips them face down and presses them hard onto the playing table. Voila! The asteroids will no longer move.

I must say this is a great idea. No more bumping the asteroid during play, or for those sneaky types, gently nudging it with their ship’s base as they move beside it. Now the asteroids will stay in place and hopefully terrorize those sneaks that try to get by with shabby flying!

So make those comets into gommettes? Urrrr….

Thanks Remi!

Gatineau Regoinal Asteroids by Remi
Gatineau Regoinal Asteroids by Remi

7 thoughts on “Gommette Your Asteroids!”

  1. It is a great idea, but I do urge a bit of caution.

    My buddy uses blu-tack on his rocks, but has a habit of not removing the blob after the game’s done. In my experience, if not removed, the blob gets a bit dried-out and can stick a bit too much. One of his rocks has some of the paper ripped away because of this.

    So yeah, post game, roll the used tack back into your mothership ball, fresh-ify it, and pluck-off a new blob for the next game or session.

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