Good ideas fo free!

Hi everyone! I would like to share some great ideas I have to enhance your X-Wing experience. But before you continue reading, please be indulgent as my first language is French.

First of all, I have to say that X-Wing is the best table-top game I ever played. It’s been more than a year now that I play it and I think of it all the time (I’m sure I’m not the only one). But, there were 3 things about it that bugged me and I found ways to overpass them and I would like to share them with you.

How many of you, during or after a ship was moved (by you or your opponent) nudged an asteroid and, no one could tell if that ship was overlapping or not? Was it intentional from your opponent (hope not!)? Well, as R2EQ spoke about it in another post, I always bring my “gommette” to fix those asteroids in place. I even bring extra and give some to my opponents as a gift and encourage them to use it every time and share the idea with others.


The second thing that bugged me was the range ruler. How many times have you placed it between compacted ships and mess everything up by bumping them? My solution? Since I have 2 core sets, I have 2 range rulers. I cut one to get 3 different range rulers.


Range 1-2-3. Wow! It is a time and mess saver. Just use the one that seems the best option. Is it range 1 or 2? Use the range 1. Is it range 2-3? Use the range 2. And so on…

IMG_1223 IMG_1224

The third thing that bugged me was the ship’s base. It slides around a little too easy for my liking. So, I fixed 4 “silicon rubber kitchen cabinet” under each of my base.


Now, they just stick to the mat! If you think of doing the same, make sure those silicon bullets are not too high because your manoeuvre templates will get under the ship’s base.



The last thing that bugs me, and I haven’t quite found the BEST solution yet, is storage. Well, for my part, I got a big box to rule… err arrange them all and a smaller one for tournament or “I want to play that list exclusively tonight”.

Well, that’s it! If I find any other great ideas, I’ll post them here. If you got some, please share!






4 thoughts on “Good ideas fo free!”

  1. “I got a big box to rule… err arrange them all”

    Ha, that’s funny!

    A big fan of your X-Wing hacks Remi. They are easy to implement and incredibly useful. I know they will help out other players, they certainly helped me.

    1. For my storage i’ve been using a tackle box i picked up at Canadian tire. Its got some pull out trays in the bottom and a larger space in the top for my big ships! all for under $30!

      And the best way i’ve seen for unmovable bases thus far is by gluing a few washers to the bottom of the base (for weight), and then going over that with some silicone. Haven’t tried the kitchen cabinet thing yet. but sounds like a good idea!

  2. Bump for Remi’s brilliant ideas. I’ve incorporated the sticky tack for asteroids and rubber cabinet pads for ship bases on vinyl mats. Should probably varnish everything (other article) and still need to cut a range ruler… if I can find my cardboard ones (I’ve been using acrylic since early 2013 and haven’t looked back).

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