Heroes of the Aturi Cluster now on Vassal


Fellow X-wing player David Biel took it upon himself to put the components for Heroes of the Aturi Cluster into a Vassal extension, so now you can play the co-op campaign online with the latest version of the X-wing module.

You’ll still need the AI statcards and other campaign materials handy when playing over Vassal, but all of the terrain is in and works nicely.

More info, and the download links can be found on Team Covenant here: http://teamcovenant.com/mu0n/2015/10/06/x-wing-vassal-module-v5-6-0-available-now/



6 thoughts on “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster now on Vassal”

  1. Nice! It would be interesting to see people who can’t find a playgroup all get together online. People out there don’t know what they’re missing.

      1. Hey, I’ve found a way to edit the module! First of all, redimension the Ion Clouds to the size you think it’s right. Open the Vassal; in the main window, before opening a module, right-click the HotAC extension and select “Edit Extension”. A “VASSAL Extension Editor” will open with a lot of folders and files. Go to [Game Piece Pallete] > [Tabbed Panel] > Heroes of Aturi Cluster [Tabbed Panel] > Emplacements [Scrollable List]. There, you’ll find the Ion Clouds; double-click one of them, make sure the “basic piece” on the Current Traits tab is selected, then click the Properties button. Double-click the Ion Cloud image on the new window and upload the redimensioned Ion Cloud image. I’ve managed to add the Command Center by copying one of the other emplacements, substituting the image (I’ve copied the image from the Terrain files and reduced it to 23% of the original size) and renamed it.

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