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Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7 Released


Our Co-operative Rebel Campaign for X-wing has been out for a little under a month, and the response from pilots all over the world has. been. staggering. I’m completely blown away. Thanks to all of the players who have tried it out and provided valuable beta-testing feedback on the campaign book and materials. You guys are helping make Heroes of the Aturi Cluster the best it can be!

I’ve collected feedback and answered questions on many message boards across the web, and made a number of small changes to improve the clarity of the campaign rules for v0.7.

If you’ve already printed the v0.6 materials, nothing critical has changed and you can absolutely continue playing with those components. The FAQ should clear up most of the rules issues in the book & components. Many of the answers in the FAQ have also been incorporated into the v0.7 campaign book, so if you’re the type of player that references a digital copy while playing, you’re all set.

Notable Changes in v0.7:

  • Mission Failure penalties for some missions have been changed to “each player loses their most expensive upgrade”, instead of a random upgrade. This matches the Eject table hit result and is more balanced for various ships.
  • B-wing/E2 is now factored into the B-wing scoresheet and is therefore free (the ship has a Mod/Crew slot now).
  • HWK-290 card now has a title slot for Moldy Crow.
  • The Campaign Round spread now has a “Modify Mission Deck” phase, with a more detailed explanation of how to modify the deck after each mission.
  • Minefields are now listed with their owner’s faction in the mission setup diagrams (all current missions have Imperial minefields).
  • AI statcards have better contrast on their maneuver diagrams, making it clearer for black & white printing and players who are colourblind.
  • AI statcards select nearest enemy in arc and range 1-3 as their top priority – they do not chase targets way across the board.
  • AI ships only barrel roll to arc-dodge if they can keep their target in arc while doing so.
  • AI Tiebreaker procedure for determining which maneuver table to use if target falls between two tables.
  • Components are now available on 12×18″ PDF pages (suitable for professional printing at your local print shop) in addition to 8.5×11″ (for home use), which should help players get the best quality components they can.
  • Components also have more generous bleed/crop marks to make cutting and assembly easier, and the turbolaser emplacements have a black surrounding area so you don’t have to cut precisely around the barrels.
  • v0.7 download includes a manifest excel file and a printing release to help you get things done at a print shop. The manifest include the specs of all files, as well as suggestions for paper stock and production options.
  • Reference cards improved, and now have art for the back.
  • Several typos, page references and many small wording changes for clarity.

Bothan Coordinator

Mission Changes:

  • Secure Holonet Receiver – The “Disabling Channels” special rules were rewritten to better handle destroyed emplacements. Previously it was possible for the mission to be unwinnable because you might not be able to draw the last number in the bag and identify the spy’s channel.
  • Capture Refuelling Station – rules for capturing the refuelling station have been rewritten to clarify  the original intent of the mission. Commandos can now choose to detonate (or not) the fuel tank emplacement they remove.

Empire Strikes Back - Leia's Hoth Briefing

v0.7 FAQ:

The FAQ is now available at dockingbay416.com/campaign/faq.
If you have more questions about the campaign, ask them in the comments there.

Download Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7


2 thoughts on “Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7 Released”

  1. Super excited to try this finally. Flying my first mission Monday at my buddies place then flying some more at Vuud’s X-wing night at FDB in Gatineau Thursday. That’s a lot of potatoes, er, Aturi. 🙂

  2. So we’ve been playing this pretty much since day one of the 0.6 release. Got the materials printed up, and already have about 10 or more people regularly playing twice a week at our game shop in Tampa. Noticed a few things and wanted to share our thoughts. Can do via email if that’s better, but our one big gripe is the X-wing. The old girl seems SO out classed. Even by the Y-wing. Dropping a decent turret almost guarantees experience every turn, in addition to the starting boost, and the X-wing keeps seeming like she’s struggling to keep up. With things like Integrated Astromech and the new equipment slots coming for the T-70, will we see some of these available for the T-65? Got a few other things we were curious about but I’ll hold off on that for now.

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