Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

Interrogation Droid- Josh Derksen, creator of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

Want to know more about the Aturi Cluster X-Wing Co-Op Campaign? Read on dear reader…

Wayne Basta: For those that are not familiar, could you let our readers know a little bit about yourself and explain just what exactly Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is?

Josh Derksen: So, Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is a free, downloadable print-and-play expansion for X-wing Miniatures (published by Fantasy Flight Games). It’s a 15-mission Rebel Campaign, but unlike other fanmade campaigns, it’s fully co-operative. Up to 6 players get to fly as a squadron of Rebel fighter pilots against an Imperial AI. As they battle to free the Aturi Cluster from the Empire, players earn experience to upgrade their pilots and ships, building combos that aren’t possible in the standard game.

I’m Josh Derksen “armoredgear7,” a freelance graphic designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m an avid boardgamer, and I have a history of creating third-party stuff for games, including custom maps for many games (X-wing, Star Wars Miniatures, Heroclix, and many others) under the brand Adventurers’ Atlas (Armored Cartographers, Mighty Maps). I’m also currently doing the artwork for a fantastic spaceship battle game called Momentum, which is slated for a spring Kickstarter campaign.

W: What inspired the creation?

J: Grish Kalashnikov “R2EQ,” who owns dockingbay416.com, had the idea to develop a campaign system for download on his site. He shared a short PDF with myself and a couple others to gauge our feedback. The document fleshed out some basic mechanics for Rebel player progression, and a human Imperial opponent. I immediately saw the seed of what it could become, but that it would need to be a full-blown campaign book with a set of specific scenarios to really get any traction.

Grish also wrote a blog post about the origins of Heroes of the Aturi Cluster, which you can read here.

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