Introducing the OT X-Wing Format

X-Wing has evolved and grown over the years. New mechanics, new cards, new maneuvers, and new ships keep pushing the limits of what can be done on the tabletop. As a game, it’s one of the best in a generation and it’s popularity stands as testament to this.

Yet sometimes a Star Wars fan who grew up on the Original Trilogy just wants to play with the iconic ships of the franchise. So we decided to throw a little old school X-Wing party here at DockingBay416.

We’re going to have a tournament with new rules and old ships and we’re calling it OT Play, or Original Trilogy Play.

Here are the rules:

Everyone brings two lists, one Imperial and one Rebel. Each list will be comprised of ships seen only in the Original Trilogy movies. Why two lists you ask? Well, that’s because same faction match-ups are not permitted! No more Soontir vs Soontir or Luke vs Luke, it’s going to be the good guys vs the bad guys like in the movies.

Legal Ships:




TIE Fighter
TIE Interceptor
TIE Advanced
TIE Bomber
Lambda Shuttle

Any upgrade cards are permitted except Palpatine and TLT’s. The idea behind this ban is to move away from Meta lists and encourage more variety on the table.

The only other ban is the “double falcon” list, or two named Falcon pilots in the same list. So Chewie and Lando both flying their own cloned Falcon at the same time on the same table, is not going to happen here.

The idea behind this tourney is that each gaming table will have a battle that looks like something out of the original movies. As a side note, if you’re going to bring your Falcon, bring the one with a round sonar dish! 🙂

We do understand that there can be lists with Wedge and BB-8 flying together, or other non-thematic combos, but the ships on the table will look like a real old school Star Wars dogfight, and that’s what we’re going for. Personally I’m pumped to play this way!

To determine which opponent flies what, we’re keeping it pretty simple.

First round pairings are random. The Player with the lowest total initiative gets to pick which list he plays (add the two lists together, lowest combined squad points has initiative). Remember, same faction match-ups are not allowed.

In the following rounds, the lower seeded player picks which list he will fly.

Special thanks goes out to esteemed X-Wing community members ThrowdownHorton (Aaron), R5Don4 (Don), LSOP (Devon) and Armoredgear7 (Josh) who all brainstormed over the format. We’ll be playing at 401 Games in Toronto on April 2nd.

Hope to see you there! May the Force be with you.



21 thoughts on “Introducing the OT X-Wing Format”

    1. Yes.

      We decided not to go down that rabbit hole. It will lead to less thematic lists, but the ships on the table will all look Old School which is pretty cool.

  1. Hey,

    We had been talking at the club Hamilton Howlers – Scotland. About hosting an x-wing tournament and having restrictions as we want to introduce new players to the game. THIS article was posted at the right time and we have a great deal of interest already. I’ll let you know how things go.

    1. Too bad you live so far away, you could have showed us how it’s done!

      Look for a batrep soon. Aaron, creator of PTL will post one.

  2. I like the idea of the tournaments but it’s kind of unfortunate that it’s not purely a lore bound tournament set instead. There are a ton of cool ships that could be balanced to fit lore rules from the gcw eu. Many we’re featured in games and comics so the cinimatic quality is even preserved.

      1. I’m assuming “gcw eu” is short for Galactic Civil War Expanded Universe.

        I don’t know what “lore rules” are per se, unless it’s just rules which determine which ships you can take, staying true to the lore, which apparently includes the expanded universe material that occurs during that time?

        So “yes” to the Phantom and YT-2400 but “no” to a First Order TIE?

        If you’re including all the expanded universe material that takes place in the time frame of the Civil War, isn’t that most of the product line?

        Maybe someone can clear that up a little more?

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