Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review is Brilliant

Pretty much every Star Wars fan knows who Mr. Plinkett is. If for some reason you don’t, drop what you are doing and go watch his scathing analysis of why the Prequels “SUCK HAIRY BALLS COVERED IN VOMIT” (his words not mine).

Mr. Plinkett’s videos are long mind you, and you’d be hard pressed to watch everything in one sitting. They are also interlaced with extremely morbid humour.

His latest video about Episode 7, released a few months ago, is no different. There is the same exacting analysis and unbelievably, the morbidity level of his comedy has gone from a 9 to 11!

I for one loved this video. Increasingly over the years the politically correct movement has gone into overdrive. Those PC types that don’t understand comedy at it’s most extreme are the most annoying, pretentious, woeful energy vampires out there. I’m pretty sure some nerd heads exploded during Mr. Plinkett’s latest ranting.

I highly recommend you watch this video if you haven’t seen it yet. It starts with an attack on “prequel revisionism” and then gets into what he thinks Corporate Disney’s vision of Star Wars will be while picking apart episode 7.

I laughed out loud many times when watching this and I hope you enjoy it too.



2 thoughts on “Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review is Brilliant”

  1. And for less psychotic review discussion of The Force Awakens, watch their “Half in the Bag” review for that, and their discussion on the Holiday Special.

    Actually, all the videos Red Letter Media puts out relating to Star Wars are pretty amusing. It’s a YouTube channel worth a sub.

  2. I agree that its fully enjoyable. Although I can’t stress enough it’s not something to watch with kids present, and its the definition of NSFW.
    Absolutely hilarious though.

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