Hey guys.  Garrett L. here (Ottawa, ON, Canada), Welfstar on various forums.  I’m a first-time poster on this site and this is my first ever tournament report, so bear with me, heh.

Before we launch into the event, a few words about myself as a player and a preamble on the list I’m running these days.  I’m a long-time 40k player, but X-wing is something relatively new for me.  A good buddy of mine, Ken A., you’ll hear more of him later, bought the starter set in spring 2014 and we were immediately hooked.  Everyone reading this will understand exactly what I’m talking about, hah.
We played for a couple months, played a lot, and I realized I wanted to give competitive play a try.  I preregistered for the FDB Regionals in Gatineau, QC and set to work trying to figure out what I was going to fly.  Wave 4 had just come out and I wanted to run a Phantom, maybe two of them.  I had visions in my mind that resembled the Klingon Civil War from TNG.  Ships decloaking here and there.  Stuff blowing up.  Vessels fading away, cloaking shields hiding them from return fire.  Victory and celebration.  Bloodwine.  Well, Pasbt Blue Ribbon, haha.
I played a handful of matches with the Phantoms and realized I couldn’t do it.  Everything was a mess with my decloaks and I didn’t have the time to put in to figure out how to keep them off the rocks.  And Phantoms on rocks were dead Phantoms, I knew that much.  A few days before the event I settled on a relatively simple TIE Defender and mini-swarm list, abandoning the Phantom to the more skilled and daring.  I attended the tournament.  I got my teeth kicked in,  0-5.
To be honest, I was a little discouraged, but I learned a lot that day and importantly, met some great members of the community.  Some awesome guys that were willing to share their knowledge.  I knew I could improve and have a lot of fun doing it, so I stuck with it, played as much as I could, and along the way struck up some great friendships.  I kept coming back to the Phantom, the ship I couldn’t fly and wanted to so badly.
Anyhow, you came here for a tournament report, so I’ll cut the chatter and get on to it.
The List
“Whisper” (32)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Gunner (5)
Advanced Cloaking Device (4)
Fire-Control System (2)
“Echo” (30)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Recon Specialist (3)
Advanced Cloaking Device (4)
Sensor Jammer (4)
Academy Pilot (12)
98 Points
Months of practice and patience has gotten me a measure of confidence with Phantoms.  Well okay, Whisper.  Whisper with Veteran Instincts and Advanced Cloaking Device.  FINE.  Buzzsaw Whisper.  I can fly Buzzsaw Whisper.  Usually, hah.  Buzzsaw Whisper’s as easy as Phantom-flying gets.  No huge surprises movement-wise, she hits extremely hard when your target-lock has kicked-in, and taking evades coupled with the free focus and cloak makes you very survivable.  Echo on the other hand does my head in.  It’s a work in process with Echo, but hey, what can I say, she’s hard to fly.  Tack on the Academy TIE/LN and that’s it.
I’m sure many of you have seen this list before, it’s the nasty 86 point Phantom list with the TIE/LN taking you to 98 points.  I try to play it as simply as possible.  I load asteroids on my side of the table.  I’m never fighting on my side of the table, so that’s where they go.  The LN goes down on the side I don’t want my Phantoms to be, considering asteroid placement.  My Phantoms usually get deployed on the other, easier to navigate side of the table, but that’s very much dependent on where my opponent goes.  When running this list you hope you’re not facing a high PS squadron,  pray you’re not facing a high PS turret and stay off those rocks.  That’s pretty well it.
The morning of the tournament, Ottawa-Gatineau got dumped on.  The roads were brutal and the drive took forever.  Weather had a serious impact on attendance and when registration closed we only had 8 players.  That said, the field was a dangerous one.  I never count anyone out at a competitive event – do that and you’re toast.  With several gifted players in the room (among them Jeffrey D., Canadian Champion; Dany L., a Store Champion from earlier in the month, and Ken A., a Store Champion from January). Things weren’t going to be easy.  Our TO, Dany L. (Vuud) decided that based on numbers and the weather, we’d do 4 rounds of Swiss and not bother with a cut.  Most present vocally supported the decision, as did I.
Round 1 v. Gianni R.
Wes Janson (29)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Wedge Antilles (29)
Luke Skywalker (28)
Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)
99 Points
This squadron worried me.  Say what you will about X-wings, they’re a decent ship with access to some of the nastier pilots in the game.  And Gianni’s a veteran and X-wings are his jam.  PS10 Wes could light up either of my Phantoms and Wedge could get Echo.  In that order, those were my two top targets.  A careful approach was vital.  If I dropped my Phantoms in the wrong spot while making my approach, things would turn ugly quickly.
My TIE/LN did his job and drew some early attention from the Z-95.  I was hoping Gianni would commit his X-wings to tackling the LN, but he cleverly turned away towards my approaching Phantoms, placing a slew a asteroids between us.  I was fortunate to correctly tempter my closing maneuvers and the two dangerous X-wings, further back in his formation, we not able to snap off shots.  I crossed my fingers and split my Phantoms, Whisper breaking left towards the centre of the table, Echo to the right.  I hoped to get lucky, weather return fire, and come out of the turn with one Phantom looking to break off and slip away and the other follow up a pursuit.  The X-wings shot through the middle and heavy fire was exchanged.  The Z-95 dropped.
Gianni threw his X-wings into K-turns , we now occupied opposite sides of the table.  I was able to drop Luke, then chase down a crippled Wedge.  Wes was focused down last and the match was won.  Strong dice on my end and unfortunate rolling on Gianni’s decided it.  I was lucky to put that first game behind me.  It could have easily gone the other way.
Win 100-0.
Round 2 v. Dany L. (Vuud)
“Whisper” (32)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Advanced Cloaking Device (4)
Fire-Control System (2)
Colonel Vessery (35)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Alpha Squadron Pilot (18)
100 Points
Next Round I drew Vuud and started to sweat.  “I have never beaten him,” I think to myself.  I’ve come close, but the fact is, it’s never happened.  I mean, the guy’s fought his way into the final rounds of Gen Con.  He was in the top 8 at the Canadian Nationals.  He outclasses me in every way, skills-wise.  My one chance is that he’s flying what a lot of people consider a sub-optimal list.  He won the Wizard’s Tower (in Ottawa) Store Championship two weeks before and is running this event, so he went with something fun rather than soul crushing.  Still, he’s dangerous.
Initiative’s mine, so that’s good.  The asteroids aren’t perfect, but I’ll make ’em work, I tell myself.  My TIE/LN goes down in the corner.  Vuud occupies the centre of the board.  I have no idea what he’s doing and that really makes me feel uncomfortable.  My Phantoms take the other flank.  I set my opening dials on my Phantoms both at 4-straights.  Vuud’s Defender takes a 5-straight and barrel rolls.  As I’m moving Echo, I cringe.  I can already tell that Whisper’s going to be within range 3 of Vuud’s HLC TIE/D .  I cloak Echo then confirm the obvious and move Whisper up.  I’m sure she’s within range 3.  It’s close, but she is, I know.
At this point I make my biggest mistake of the day, and one of the silliest mistakes I’ve ever made playing this game.  I’m thinking I either need to cloak to protect myself or attempt to barrel roll out of range.  I quickly decide that the barrel roll’s too risky and I better be conservative and cloak.  I throw the token down.  “Are you sure you wanna cloak?”, Vuud asks.  I think for two seconds and reply, “Yeah, I have to, you’re gunna shoot me with the Defender.”  He asks one more time, “You’re sure you wanna cloak?”  I half-snap back, “Yeah, Dany.  C’mon.”  I think he’s messing with me.  He says, “Okay, Combat.  Whisper’s cloaked, she has no shot…”  He pauses and smiles at me.  I instantly realize I’m a complete moron.  Whisper didn’t have to cloak, she’s got an Advanced Cloak Device.  I could have focused, shot, recloaked, and probably picked up another focus.  He wasn’t messing with me, he was trying to give me an out.  He wanted me to realize I was messing up, ‘cos he’s a good guy.  It was so silly he was probably a little confused too, haha.  So anyhow, Whisper gets lit up, she’s damaged, but alive.  I breath.  It could have been worse.  I resolve to shake off the nervousness of playing Vuud and FOCUS.
The second turn sees us turning into each other, we both want to do some meaningful damage.  Things don’t turn out great for me as movement shakes out.  My Whisper can only shoot his Interceptor.  Boo.  His Whisper’s got a range one shot on my Whisper.  Not good.  His Defender’s poised to light up Echo.  Echo’s got a choice of shots.  My LN’s so far out of the fight it’s not even worth mentioning.  It doesn’t look great here.
My Whisper one-shot’s the Interceptor and cloaks.  Okay, that was good, I think.  His Whisper fires point blank at my Whisper, no damage dealt and a cloak.  Not shocking, but it wouldn’t have taken much to wipe my damaged Whisper.  Echo shoots at his cloaked Whisper and one-shots her with two hits and critical that turns over to be a Direct Hit.  We both burst into laughter at how silly things have gone.
He had me making brain-dead mistakes and perfectly lined-up and now it’s three ships to one, in my favour.  I don’t like to blame or excuse dice, but when stuff like this happens you just have to, to some degree.  Anyway, the rest of the game wrapped up quickly, I threw my Phantoms into K-turns and finished off the TIE/D.
I’d finally beaten Vuud and I’m not going to lie, it felt good.  And don’t misunderstand, I know I didn’t deserve it, but you know what?  I’ll take it.  Hah, we’re pals, Vuud and I, so we can laugh about it.
Win 100-0.
Round 3 v. Mich B.
Captain Jonus (22)
Draw Their Fire (1)
Ion Pulse Missiles (3)
Delta Squadron Pilot (30)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Delta Squadron Pilot (30)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
100 Points
Mich’s list is a dangerous one, but it’s built to punish large ships and/or cut through jousters.  My Phantoms are a different beast.  If he catches me out of position and can fire a coordinated cannonade at me, he can do some serious damage, I just have to make sure I approach from an odd vector and hope to get him out of position.  I decide to stick with the plan of spitting my ships during deployment.  He’ll either go for the Academy and expose his flank or he’ll take the far corner and make my approach harder, I don’t want to joust with his squadron.
He deploys across from the TIE/LN and I look to turn his flank if he goes for it.  He does, and while the Academy bites it fast, I’m cutting into his side as he tries to react.  My dice are hot and I drop one Defender on my opening pass.  I then have a bit of trouble repositioning as he breaks out of the pocket and I have to focus down the Bomber rather than the TIE/D I want to pepper.  One TIE/D against two Phantoms is a poor match-up and I focus down his last ship.
3-0 and I thank the Sith that his first Defender dropped so quickly into the exchange.  It could have been a far nastier fight had it stuck around longer.
Win 100-12.
Round 4 v. Ken A.
“Leebo” (34)
Predator (3)
Recon Specialist (3)
Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
Outrider (5)
Chewbacca (42)
Predator (3)
Jan Ors (2)
Millennium Falcon (1)
100 Points
This is it.  I either beat Ken and take the day with 4 wins or lose, go  3-1, and leave it to maths to decide the winner.
Ken and I are great friends.  He’s one of my oldest and best friends.  He’s also a fantastic X-wing player and is incredibly dangerous with his feared, Store Championship-winning, Chewbo build.  We got into the game the same night, he bought the starter and we played that first match against each other.  It’s hard to say how many times we’ve played each other… 30 times?  45 times?  It’s not possible to know exactly, but what’s for sure is that we’ve both played the other more than any other person.  He knows how I tend to fly my Phantoms and I know what he likes to do with his YTs (which as you can see, are as beautifully converted and painted as they are deadly).
He’ll want to keep his speed up and put me into a position where I’m chasing them down, I know this.  He knows I’ll want him to go for the TIE/LN while I flank him, and he won’t let that happen.  I’m forced into deploying my squadron into one corner and he’s in the far corner.  Right off the bat I know I’m going have a hard time.  I want to score some early shots, but I also have to time my attack so I’m turning into the pursuit at the right moment.  Too late and I’m strung through the asteroids, getting picked at by the turrets at long range.  Too early and I get pounded at close range, sacrificing my own arcs and shots.
We engage mid-table and I’m able to put some hurt on Leebo which is a good thing because he’s the bigger threat and the easier of the two freighters to kill.  The caveat to that is, Whisper takes some hits of her own and is boxed in, navigating a tight group of asteroids.  Our two heavy-hitters are staggered.  Leebo breaks for the close corner, trying to stay at range 3 were his HLC can do the most work.  I pursue with Whisper, Echo following at range.  Whisper’s able to strike true and kill the droid, but Chewy is passing-by and blasts apart Whisper.  Our offensive muscle effectively traded-off, I throttle up with Echo and my LN, looking to make that Wookie war criminal pay.  I couple rounds of pursuit and I’m able to pin the brute into a corner and finish him off.
Win 100-44.
I’d done it.  My first Store Championship.  Not bad for a first tournament report, hah.  In all seriousness though, my attitude with the overall win is the same as with my game with Vuud earlier.  I don’t feel as though I fully deserve it, my dice were scorching hot all day, but I’ll take it, heh.
1)  Garrett L. – 20 pts. (732)
2)  Gianni R. – 15 pts. (461)
3)  Jeffrey D. – 10 pts. (468)
4)  Ken A. – 10 pts. (439)
5)  Dany L. – 10 pts. (433)
6)  Mich B. – 10 pts. (314)
7)  Benjamin L. – 5 pts. (278)
8)  Maurice T. – 0 pts. (75)


Thanks for reading!


  1. Congrats man! Great report, love the little details you peppered in there and those awesome pictures make a huge difference when reading.

    Gotta love Gianni for running those X-Wings and I can just imagine Vuud asking you about cloaking with his half smile, great guy. I bet you’ll never make that mistake for the rest of your playing days, eh?

    For a first report, that was great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. On the turn you one shotted my Whisper, I didn’t shoot at whisper but Echo with whisper. The goal was to damage echo and acquiring a target lock on it so that Vessery would have target lock as well. Big fail on my dice that turn!

  3. Aaahaha! Those Klingons!! My thanks to who would of have to have been r2eq for that addition… oh man.

    That’s right Vuud, you mentioning the missed opportunity with Vessery’s target-lock snag reminds me, you did try at my Echo with your Whisper. What a joke that turn was… those dice sometimes…

  4. Very happy, Remi.

    I can definitely add stress and ion to my list of things that freak me the hell out when running two tooled-up Phantoms.

    Jeffrey D. was running a nasty Chiraneau with Rebel Captive & Soontir Fel list. Had I run into him, I’m pretty sure my day would have been very different.

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