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New Co-Op X-Wing Campaign

The thing X-Wing lacked from day one was a good campaign system. Months ago I decided to make my own campaign in the form of a small pdf document. I created a chat with some local players to have them read it over as I wanted feedback before I threw it up on db416.

During that chat Josh Derksen (Armorgear7) had some great ideas, and he had a unique slant on how a campaign system should work with the core mechanic being an A.I. Overlord, whereas I was looking at a more conventional human GM.

Something seemed to have lit a fire in Josh and after seeing how much effort he was putting in, I realized he’d make a way better product so I decided to scrap my little pdf.

Time rolled by and not only did Josh have great ideas, but he also religiously play tested each mission and rule variation for months on end. I was blown away by the level of commitment he showed. Like seriously, who does that? As gamers, we’ve all dabbled in rule changes and many of us have run small campaigns before, but Josh was taking things to a level I’d never seen.

He was making custom templates for modular space stations and painted cotton swabs to look like nebula clouds, all majestically displayed on his own vinyl mats. It was so impressive that a dedicated group started showing up at Meeplemart on X-Wing Fridays to help him playtest and streamline the campaign system.

One time I went over to his place and we had a campaign game. I took a lowly Y-Wing pilot out for the first time while Josh flew beside me with his kitted out X-Wing. We managed to pull off a victory and escort a YT-1300 off the board after it grabbed some crates vital to the rebellion. It was a great game and I realized he’d created something special.

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Now after months of hard work, Josh has uploaded his campaign Heroes of the Aturi Cluster for everyone in the world to enjoy, and man does it look sweet. On top of everything else, Josh is a graphic designer! Pretty cool stuff.

Campaign Book Spreads

If you were looking for an X-Wing Campaign, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Dockingbay416 will have a dedicated page for it from now on, found here:


I suggest you give it a try and while playing, just know that Josh and a lot of people (mentioned in the pdf as play testers) spent months testing this game.

There is so much TLC here, it makes me proud to be a member of the fly casual crowd.



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  1. Do you know if Josh Derksen is interessed to get this campaign translated into german? We have a big X-Wing community here and some peoples like to translate it for this community.

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