Old Ben Makes a Prototype Holodeck for Lightsaber Practice

Benjamin Teitler uploaded a video of himself using the new Oculus Rift lightsaber demo “running un-tethered on DK2 and mirrored over network for recording purposes.” In layman’s terms, he’s made a poor man’s Holodeck.

In his YouTube video, you can see old Ben in the top right corner, jumping around on a black mat while the rest of the screen shows him slashing about with lightsabers in a virtual world. I wonder what fun the future will bring us in another 20 years?


One thought on “Old Ben Makes a Prototype Holodeck for Lightsaber Practice”

  1. Very cool, I’d love to get to try something like that one day. But keep in mind: good against remotes is one thing, good against the living…its something else.

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