Custom Repaint: Tycho’s A-Wing

This was a fairly quick touch up job on the stock FFG A-Wing. In my opinion, the A-Wing is one of the best looking pre-paints in the X-Wing line. The colours are great, the model is beautiful, everything is good “out of the box” so all the A-Wing needs is a little bit of TLC to make it really stand out.

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Challenging myself: Building around Leeachos

Like many others, when I first saw the pilot ability of scum z-95 pilot Kaa’to Leeachos, I chuckled slightly, thinking of how absurd the idea was. This is a guy who’s ability makes his teammates actively worse, and gives them no tokens or stat boosts or modifiers to compensate. What a self-centred jerk! However, as someone who, at least for the foreseeable future will be playing scum either exclusively or near-exclusively, I tried to challenge myself by not only including him in a list, but by making him the centre point of a few lists. Not only that, but I want to get around to using them. So I spent some time with a squad builder and came up with some interesting lists around this guy.

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Phantom Change: A Responce

As many of you likely know by now, FFG recently released a new FAQ. Many of these changes were what is usually expected of their FAQ’s. Some clarification of awkwardly worded cards, unclear interactions between cards cleared up, and a long awaited change allowing the use of debris fields. Most of these changes were seen by the community as a whole as being extremely good, but most of the community of talking about one specific change, the change to the Phantom. The FAQ made an errata to decloaking, changing it to the following:

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Custom Fel Pilot/PTL card & token stack

If you’re reading this article it’s a certainty that you’ve played in a game either with or against Soontir Fel. He is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile and cost-effective ships in the game and has not lost any effectiveness as more waves have come out. Personally, I’ve never seen a game with Soontir Fel where he wasn’t upgraded with Push the Limit. In reality, he should pretty much just cost 30 points with PTL built in and drop his elite pilot slot because there’s nothing that makes him more effective. Part and parcel to using Fel with PTL is the Soontir token stack of two focus, an evade, and a stress. I thought I’d put together an article to show some of the customization I’ve done to make a custom Fel card with Push the Limit built in alongside a single consolidated token stack. To start, here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading Custom Fel Pilot/PTL card & token stack


Shadows of the StarViper

With the release of the new faction Scum and Villainy, the game of X-Wing gained may new and interesting ships to it’s roster of choices. The IG-2000 is already making waves in the tournament scene, and Scum HWKs are annoying players everywhere. There’s one ship though that hasn’t exploded onto the meta as violently, but is sneaking it’s way into people’s lists, and taking control of their enemies – the Star Viper. If you’re not familiar with this amazing ship, this article will help you get better acquainted.
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Star Wars Armada: First Few Games, Quick Report

As I mentioned in my previous article, I was going to share how my first few games of Armada turned out.

Since my friend Yik and I were playing Armada for the first time, our games were fraught with mistakes. We also didn’t play with any obstacles or objectives, but decided to give list building a try. If you’re interested in how the two of us stumbled around the tabletop, then dear reader, please read on. Continue reading Star Wars Armada: First Few Games, Quick Report


Star Wars Armada: First Game, First Impressions

Last night I managed to play two 180 point games of Armada with my friend Yik and it was a lot of fun! The game is officially released today and I’d like to talk to you about it, just in case you’re considering buying in. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I will post an article about what happened in both games I played, but for today I’d like to give you my first impressions of the game.

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Custom Repaint: Red 5 Luke Skywalker, standing by

This is probably my favorite X-Wing  repaint I have done to date.  I do love the glowing engines in my Millennium Falcon, but playing Star Wars as a kid, I was always Luke Skywalker and my best friend Han Solo, so Luke’s X-Wing has a soft spot in my heart. Continue reading Custom Repaint: Red 5 Luke Skywalker, standing by