Player Profile: Island Rogue (Steven)

Player Profile is a series of articles in which R2-EQ looks at players in the X-Wing community. Many people would like to get to know the person behind the player. In X-Wing the players are renowned for being “nice guys” and often can be quite characterful when you scratch the surface.

Today’s interview is with Island Rogue, known as Steven in real life. I met Steven when he was living in Toronto and managed to have a game with him at a tournament once. Not only is he a likable fellow and a treat to play against, but he’s pretty good at X-Wing too! Currently Steven resides in Vancouver. I did this interview just before Scum was released and waited for him to finish re-painting some of his ships as I thought it was important to include all facets of his X-Wing love in this article. Now that his ships are painted, the article is published for your enjoyment.

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Repainted YT-1300

As a child of the 90’ies, I grew up watching Star Wars on VHS (I watched Star Wars on the 1995 VHS boxset). I cannot count how many times I saw the movies, and one of my favourite moments of the trilogy was the Battle of Yavin, and especially the moment when Han and Chewie appear to help Luke in the climatic moments of the battle. The YT-1300 is one of the truly iconic starships in our pop culture and I decided to give my own YT-1300 a simple repaint, to make it stand out from the rest on the tabletop. Continue reading Repainted YT-1300


A-B-C-D-Which IG-88 is right for me?

With scum officially released, something many players are likely debating is which version(s) of IG-88 would best suit their style of play. With their ships, point costs and PS all identical, the only difference between the four is their pilot abilities, making it tough to choose which is best.

Which one is this again?
Which one is this one again?

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Hey guys.  Garrett L. here (Ottawa, ON, Canada), Welfstar on various forums.  I’m a first-time poster on this site and this is my first ever tournament report, so bear with me, heh.



Repainted B-Wings

I came to X-Wing through my interest in miniature gaming. I have two 40k armies, and the details and quality of FFG’s X-Wing Miniatures were a huge selling point for me. I’m primarily a Rebel player, and I decided to repaint my B-Wings, easily my favourite ships in the universe as Blue Squadron B-Wings. Continue reading Repainted B-Wings


You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?

Most of the games I play, I don’t have much of a plan. I just go with the flow of the game, adjusting as the game progresses. Yet sometimes, having a plan and applying it will provide you with some real satisfaction. I started playing four B-Wings over at Nationals losing in the Top 8 to Grish by not adhering to my initial plan. Had I stayed true to it, the result could have been greatly different. What I did take away from Nationals was that I did like the challenge of playing the 4 Bs. Continue reading You came in here and you didn’t have a plan for getting out?