The Sentry Box Store Championship Report

As one of the earliest Store Championships of the season I thought it might be useful to get some insight into the state of the meta over in Calgary.

I was able to get one of the other staff members to be the main TO, allowing me to actually play in the event and just be the main Rules Judge if necessary. The fact that I hadn’t played a single game of X-Wing in the previous two months (December in retail can be a little hectic as you may imagine) meant that I was a little rusty and not exactly up on the details of the current meta but I threw a list together anyway. Continue reading The Sentry Box Store Championship Report


Rebel Captive vs Mara Jade

Whenever two cards are similar, its natural to compare the two. One very notable example of this is the rebel captive and Mara Jade upgrade cards, as both are three point imperial only crew members who have the ability to deal stress tokens to enemies under specific circumstances. While both cards are definitely useful in certain lists, and many players will globally choose one over the other, many wonder which is ‘better’. Continue reading Rebel Captive vs Mara Jade


HWK: scum vs. rebels



Disclaimer: This piece is highly opinionated, and the opinions expressed are those of the blog writer, not of the site owner.

Ever since the TIE advanced ‘fix’ was announced, many have been calling the HWK the weakest ship in the game. While I will not bash this claim, I will make it clear that I strongly disagree with it. I will briefly explain why, before diving into the guts of this article: the parallels between the rebel and scum HWK’s and making the needed comparisons.

I'm viable now!
I’m viable now!

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What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ

First let me introduce myself. I go by Vuud on the Forums and am from Ottawa/Gatineau. I have been playing X-Wing since it was released back in 2012. When wave 2 came out, I won my first tournament at a Kessel Run event. I then played in the 2013 Regionals which were being held in Montreal. A big total of 6 players showed up! I finished second running dual HLC Firesprays along with Howlrunner. Then I didn’t play until Gen Con 2013. Even though I played like a newb I made it to the Top 4 using the same outdated squad from Regionals. At that time, there was not much of a community here in Ottawa/Gatineau. With the help of Jeffrey Dunford (whom I traveled with to Gen Con), Erik Pichette and Jean Latreille, we started a series of tournaments we called Trench Runs using the Wave 3 ships we brought back from Gen Con as prizes. Our community was kickstarted in style! Continue reading What’s it’s like to lose to R2-EQ


Desperately seeking Soontir (or, The Force Is With All Of Us)

Do you wonder how in demand Star Wars X-Wing really is? Chances are most people reading this were the early adopters that have been fortunate enough to buy and fly every ship from every wave. If you’re more of a laggard like me, you’ve been struggling to find ships from  earlier releases. However, to people like me it’s not just a game – interest in Star Wars X-Wing is about identity, social interaction, and maintaining our youth!

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Varnish Everything!

Every X-wing player will notice wear and tear showing on dials, asteroids and templates, even after a short time of use.  When I started using Blue Tack (a hack I learned from Remi) one of the faces of my old and beaten up asteroids finally had enough and peeled off. It wasn’t a big deal as I glued it back, but the incident got me thinking how to protect the cardboard playing pieces.

It was time for me to Varnish everything!

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Tutorial: Testors’ Decal paper and decals in general

My trio of Yakuza Zeds have a dark and dirty secret. The beautiful side motifs are actually water slide decals! That’s right, even experienced painters can cheat. Anyway, water slide decals is just another tool available to make your miniatures shine a little bit more.  And here is how you do it.

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My wretched hive of Scum and Villiany


As a few have seen, I’ve proxied out some Scum cards for a list using a Firespray, a HWK and a headhunter, all from ‘Most wanted’. I was looking for this list to give me a good ‘feel’ for how Scum would be different, while using ships I was familiar with. As someone who was always ‘on the fence’ between Rebels and Imperials, I was really looking forward to Scum to see how they flew, and I was not disappointed one bit. Continue reading My wretched hive of Scum and Villiany