Greetings from the Outer Rim

You guys in Ontario are slightly spoiled by the fact that you have a large cluster of stores and players in a relatively small area. Once you head West things are a bit more spread out, but here in Calgary we do have a pretty solid group of regulars, plus we can sometimes entice the guys from Edmonton and Lethbridge to make a trip. There are multiple stores here that run events and we were lucky enough to have the Western Canadian Regional at my store The Sentry Box, which you’ll know if you read my Nationals write up.

I’ve been asking around for some input from the guys about their thoughts on the various events and meta shifts over the past six months and I got a pretty comprehensive set of notes from Terrance Tripp who, as results will show, is most definitely one of the best players in the area. His notes are below, with my thoughts added in italics:

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Determined Leebo vs. Chewbacca, a mathematical evaluation

Hi, my name is Chris and I’m from Hamilton, Ontario. I figured that since people will be comparing the two YT-models, I’d be comparing two similar pilots, both of whom deal with crits they’re dealt in a unique way, and are both PS 5. Please note I will not be discussing the ships, just the abilities, and will be taking one particular EPT into account.

So some of you pulled out your Outrider expansion packs (or knew before hand from spoilers) and saw this card:

Be honest, you looked at the spoilers for this
Be honest, you looked at the spoilers for this

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Forgotten Aces: Rexler Brath

In X-Wing you have many different ships and pilots to choose from, each with unique abilities. Some of these pilots and ships are overlooked by the tournament goers and the Meta at large, getting little to no representation at the tournament level. I call these overlooked Pilots the “Forgotten Aces.”

This weeks Forgotten Ace is a pilot that flies one of my favourite ships in the game but even I have not used him much, Rexler Brath.
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After Action Reviews: A thought on process and returns

Time and time again, after playing or watching people play games I hear the same thing said across a table, “that always happens,” or “I can never win,” or “that’s just too powerful.”  I find it interesting when I watch people who talk like that make the same decisions over and over again, hoping for different results. Today, I’m going to talk about how I move past making self limiting remarks like that and push for change in my play instead.

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Conceptual List Building

“How do I build a list?” “Is this list good?”

There are a great number of discussions on list building in X-Wing dedicated to answering these questions. They range from multi-page forum exchanges to small nuggets of wisdom hiding within other articles. For some people, building a good list requires “Math-wing” which can be deemed impenetrable to some, while others consider building a good list to be more a matter of luck and throwing random combinations of ships and upgrades together.

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Darkhorse’s Strange Love, Or how I stopped being afraid and learned to love the bomber.

After winning the Winnipeg Regional tournament with a Tie Bomber list I received a lot of questions about how I pulled that off. I was also asked about why I ran bombers in the first place, so I thought I’d write about it.

Possibly my most fun moment with running a TIE bomber squad was signing into the Regional. As I handed over my list a few people looked at it and chuckled.  At least one person said “maybe nobody explained the game to him”.

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My first Escalation Tournament – Report


Hello everyone! (Sorry for my English…)

I went to my very first Escalation Tournament this last weekend and I wanted to report my day. First of all, it is a very fun and interesting format. The thing about increasing the size and strength of your build after each match is thrilling.

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Good ideas fo free!

Hi everyone! I would like to share some great ideas I have to enhance your X-Wing experience. But before you continue reading, please be indulgent as my first language is French.

First of all, I have to say that X-Wing is the best table-top game I ever played. It’s been more than a year now that I play it and I think of it all the time (I’m sure I’m not the only one). But, there were 3 things about it that bugged me and I found ways to overpass them and I would like to share them with you.

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