Star Wars X-Wing Worlds Battle Report


I didn’t find it easy coming up with a list to bring to Worlds as the meta had shifted ever since the newest errata came out. If you were an Imperial player like me, you “should fly” Defenders. I agree it makes sense, but I’m not one for playing a meta list. I’m also a dedicated Soontir Fel player, which often gets me ridiculed. Keeping with a favourite ship makes me believe that I’ll continue to have fun playing this game. Besides, Defenders are way too predictable and boring, I find.  Continue reading Star Wars X-Wing Worlds Battle Report

Prepare for Ground Assault – Imperial Assault Worlds Battle Report


I had my heart set on a Blaise-Trooper list as it was all the rage. However, as most know, I don’t like to play meta. I found it very boring. I’m more of a run and gun player. Taylor Hanson suggested I try this scum list he had been toying with. Continue reading Prepare for Ground Assault – Imperial Assault Worlds Battle Report

Star Wars: Destiny First Impressions

A few weeks ago at Black Knight Games, I noticed they would soon be having a launch event for Star Wars: Destiny, another FFG Star Wars game. This one combining both deck building and dice rolling. I figured I was in a unique position: finished college, employed reasonably well for a recent grad and with tons of free time: so I could easily pick up a fresh game. Being an avid X-Wing player, and having enjoyed a couple of Imperial Assault campaigns, I figured FFG had done a good job with their Star Wars licence, so it was worth a shot. I did some research, thought it looked fun, signed up, and on Saturday, I showed up to play.

There were two decks to choose from, one centred around Kylo Ren and a stormtrooper, the other around Rey and Finn.  Knowing the full extent of a stormtrooper’s power, I figured I was better off without one.

These guys suck
Poor guy

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Fan Film Hoshino is What Star Wars Could Be…

It’s an interesting time we live in. Affordable technology and the internet allows creative people that might have fallen through the cracks 40 years ago to express themselves and connect to kindred spirits across the world.

Following in the steps of the other recent, and also great, fan film Darth Maul: Apprentice, Hoshino is a film about a blind Jedi with lots of Star Wars heart in it. Continue reading Fan Film Hoshino is What Star Wars Could Be…

Tauntauns taunting the Empire, A Star Wars Rebellion Batrep

Just over a week ago I sat down with our Armada National Champion Kristjan to play a game of Rebellion, using my fully painted set. Kristjan wanted to play the Imperials – no surprise there as he loves running Imps in Armada. He also has a tendency to goose step and shout orders when under stress, so that might explain his Imperial love affair. I was more than happy to play the Rebels since, like a normal person, they were the side I rooted for in the movies.

The Imperials
The Rebels

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The Bytown Smugglers League

The Ottawa/Gatineau X-Wing community has started right at the Game Release in 2012. The community grew with events like the Kessel Run, the very first regionals in 2013 and 2014, and Assault at Imdaar Alpha. The local community has since grown into multiple groups of players who play at different stores across the capital region.

However, we still have to build our own regional identity.

We strongly believe that the Prototype Toronto League did a lot to bring the Toronto players together in something recognizable to the larger scene. It is high time for us to forge our own identity and to create our own league. Continue reading The Bytown Smugglers League

Prototype Toronto League – Season 5 Recap

The fifth season of the Prototype Toronto League (PTL) concluded recently, so it’s time for another recap (check out last season’s here)! This time, I wanted to try a roundtable discussion with the players who finished at the top of the rankings. We’ve got Tim Ralphs, Aaron P, Devon Monkhouse, and Peter Scholch who were nice enough to do my job for me and answer some questions. Big congrats to all you guys for finishing in the Top 4 and special congrats to Tim who is our new PTL Champion!! Continue reading Prototype Toronto League – Season 5 Recap

Will Manaroo Aces be a thing?

With Manaroo becoming more and more prominent in the meta, mostly with her part in the dangerous Dengaroo combo, and her similarities to the Palp shuttle, its seemed very possible that Manaroo with two Scum Aces would become a thing. As a fan both of Scum, and of Palp Aces, I’ve decided to do some theoretical work on this possibility.

Who we're talking about
Who we’re talking about

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