Attacking the Fortress

A phenomenon within the X-Wing community that has caused some minor rumblings lately has to do with so-called “fortress” squad builds. If you are unfamiliar with what that is, a Fortress squad is one designed to be deployed in a way that ships indefinitely overlap giving a player, for all intents and purposes, a stationary gun platform. Continue reading Attacking the Fortress


The Adventures of Rusty!

This weekend was an exciting one for me in my world of X-Wing, it was my first chance at an Escalation Style Tournament. I had only heard about them from more seasoned players and never thought I’d get the chance to play in one. Luckily for me, the “FoodHammer” organizers thought it was the perfect format for their charity event.

Continue reading The Adventures of Rusty!


How to not win the Canadian Nationals

As one of the five Canadian Regionals winners I decided to make the trip to Hamilton for the Canadian Nationals and I’ve been asked to provide my thoughts on the event. But I’m getting ahead of myself – I’ll start with a little background: Continue reading How to not win the Canadian Nationals