Photographer gets Medieval on Star Wars

Photographer Sacha Goldberger asks the question, “What if Darth Vader was born in the 16th century?”

To answer that immortal question, Sacha takes recognizable heroes from Star Wars and throws them into the clothing and formal presentation of Western Europe in the 1500s. I’m not sure what he intended, but to my eyes his experiment turned out to be quite funny and entertaining.

21_07_13_Super-Héros-Flamands-_21_darkvador_1293_0523_Convention_STCHEWBACCA_VINCENT30302_12 30_Convention_STVINCENT_VADOR_PREARMOR30440_06 15_Convention_STR2D230581_04View the full collection in the gallery below

You can see more of Sacha’s art here.


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