Repainted B-Wings

I came to X-Wing through my interest in miniature gaming. I have two 40k armies, and the details and quality of FFG’s X-Wing Miniatures were a huge selling point for me. I’m primarily a Rebel player, and I decided to repaint my B-Wings, easily my favourite ships in the universe as Blue Squadron B-Wings.

For anyone interesting in the colours I used, here is the list, and note that I used an airbrush to paint these.

  1. Primed with Vallejo Grey Primer
  2. 1st layer a 50:50 mix of VMA Radome Tan and VMA White
  3. 2nd and final layer, VMA White and GW Administratum Grey in a 50:50 mix
  4. For the blue parts, I used a 50:50 mix of GW Fenrisian Grey and VMA Blue
  5. For the orange circles, I used a 5mm Ø cutter (Peddinghaus Mekanix, I simply don’t know what it is called). I pressed and cut out a round hole in my Tamiya Masking tape, and used the masking tape as a kind of stencil. First I used a mix of VMA Golden Brown and VMA Orange in a 50:50 mix, and in subsequent layers I added more and more orange in the airbrush until I was satisfied.
  6. Finally I coated it in Vallejo Satin Varnish, let it dry for some hours and made an oil wash using Humbrol Matt 33 (Black) thinned with mineral spirits. Let it dry for about an our and using a Q-tip and pure mineral spirit to clean it up making sure that the oil wash was only in the recesses.
  7. As the final step, I used a brush to paint the cockpit and the engine intake, with VMC German Grey and VMC Black respectively.

This first picture was taken using my own photobooth. I used normal daylight and a long exposure on my camera.

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But the other day I had the chance to shoot them using a better lens and better lighting. I used a Canon Camera (forgot to note which type), and a 50mm f2.5 Canon Macro lens, and two Calumet Genesis 200 lights. It is interesting to note the different resulting photographs. Next time, I want to try using the same setup but with a black backdrop.

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  1. Thanks! For the one that is spinning, I used two 3mmx1mm neodymium magnets. Broke of the back peg, and drilled a hole for the magnet.

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