Star Wars Armada: Boba Fett & other Spoiled Cards

Thanks to Norm, our most recent Toronto Armada Tourney winner, he found some spoiled pictures of Armada Cards on Reddit. These pictures were taken from a preview article about Armada’s Wave 2 release.

Boba Fett looks like he will be a dangerous, merciless little bounty hunter of a ship.


Attack dice of 4, like an X-Wing, Bomber with a blue and black dice like a B-Wing, Rogue which lets him move and attack during the Squadron Phase, and his own power which gives a damage to a nearby ship or squadron when he’s activated (bombs away!) makes him jack of all trades and master of all. Add to Boba two brace tokens, and he can take a lot of damage. He’s going to be fun to fly! I asked fellow gamers what they think he will cost and the guys are saying 25ish points.

I’m thinking the best use for him would be like a lone wolf ship in X-Wing – keep him away from your other fighters.  If the enemy wants to deal with him, they need to send a few ships his way.  If Boba dies, that’s fine as your other fighters can do their thing. If the enemy doesn’t deal with Boba  he will wreak anything around him, even capital ships, as he can move and shoot on his own.  Let’s not forget with his Bomber ability, Boba gains every strategy Rhymer and TIE Bombers can employ. His only drawback of speed 3 doesn’t seem like such a hindrance anymore.

officer-imp-admiral-chiraneau title-victory-corrupter

I’m not sure how I feel about the Home One title card for the rebels.


It looks like rebel ships want to use broadsides and stay at range 3. That means they will be throwing a lot of red dice, which often result in blanks. Having a guaranteed accuracy result which locks down a defence token is great. The more ships rolling dice, the better Home One gets. However, the key word of “another” means that Home One will not benefit from this ability, which kind of sucks as I’m sure the Mon Cal will be an expensive ship. The range restriction is another limitation. Only time will tell how much of a deal breaker these drawbacks will be. Right now a comparable card is the Sensor Team which costs 5 points. So if you have two ships using Home One’s ability, they must be close by and you’re saving a total of 3 points. Worth it? I’m not sure.

weapons-team-sensor-teamLet’s look at some uses with our current upgrade cards. Locking down a defence token with an accuracy result can be comboed with an Intel Officer.  At range 3 you won’t be dealing too much damage, but might be able to discard defence tokens or increase your damage output by cowing the use of tokens.

officer-intel-officerAnother card to use with Home One is Enhanced Armament. More red dice = more of what the Rebels are shooting with.


The Imperial Star Destroyer shown in the photo above has a Squadron value of 5. I think this is an older version of the card as the FFG preview article also showed the ISD having a Squadron value of 5 but it was soon changed to a picture showing a Squadron value of 4. All you dark hearted Imperial Commanders out there can stop your cackling and you Rebel Admirals can breathe a sigh of relief. Can you imagine the pain of a Squadron 5 + Expanded Hanger Bay activation? Initiative would be worth quite a lot in a build like that!

The last spoiled card Norm dug up is Jan Ors, the best female escort around.

wave 2 spoil 2

She’s there to escort your Rebel bombers where they need to be, or turn regular squadrons into tanky mini-heroes with brace tokens. Anyone around her get’s to brace with her tokens and that ups the survivability of Rebel squadrons considerably. Her Intel ability makes enemies around her Heavy and so that means she and bombers placed near her can disengage and keep flying. She shoots like an A-Wing with 3 blue dice and Counters like one as well. I’m guessing FFG is saying this version of the HWK has a turret and not a pitiful 1 attack die!

What cards can help her? Well a bunch of fighters with Gallant Heaven come to mind.

title-assault-frigate-gallant-havenRegular squadrons with brace and -1 damage is nothing to sneeze at. Imagine an A-Wing taking 4 hits, which then becomes 2 hits with brace and then 1 hit from Gallant Haven,  then roll 2 counter dice,  wow. She also combos well with Rebel heroes. If she’s near a bunch of heroes I’d use her braces up first on Luke, Dutch, Wedge or Keyan before touching their own. She can make those aces even more survivable. Jan is a girl with braces that just wants to help out!

Everyone’s Wave 2 excitement is for the Imperial Star Destroyer vs the Mon Calamari Cruiser, but these previewed cards show the wave will have lots of other goodies in it besides the obvious. Star Wars fans rejoice, Armada is in good hands.







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