Star Wars Art Protraits

Here are two great talents from Deviant Art. First up is euclase, an extremely talented American who has taken realism to the next level. If you search his gallery you will find he is inspired by sci-fi and fantasy.

Just check out his Jedi Luke Skywalker, what a talent!

luke_by_euclase-d9lrc5hEven though it’s not Star Wars, since it’s Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary I’ll sneak in his portrait of Captain Kirk because it’s just so good!


Our second artist, tashamille from the Ukraine, created a series of portraits using iconic characters from Star Wars. These would make great paintings for any basement of gaming room.

star_wars___c_3po_by_tashamille-d9yg8r6 star_wars___darth_maul_by_tashamille-d9o5sph star_wars___darth_vader_by_tashamille-d9zmgmt star_wars___grand_moff_tarkin_by_tashamille-da1s0ke star_wars___luke_skywalker_by_tashamille-da08hhs star_wars___r2_d2_by_tashamille-d9oj3dh star_wars___jango_fett_by_tashamille-d9ppntk star_wars___stormtrooper_by_tashamille-d9rhlkf star_wars___obi_wan_kenobi_by_tashamille-d9v407e



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