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Every Star Wars fan has had his eye on Battlefront. The trailers for this game are amazing to watch. Here are two more trailers as well as some vids showing what the actual Beta gameplay looks like vs the trailers.

This video was sent to me by Cleardave and it’s simply amazing. Pretty much anyone who grew up with Star Wars will be moved.

This epic trailer was released a few days ago showing different heroes available in game. It’s fun and exciting like all the Battlefront adverts.

I was curious to know what the heroes actually played like in game, and came across the vid below. Sadly, the gameplay seems a little wonky.

I remember playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy with the “realistic saber combat” enabled where you could chop off heads and arms. As the severed limbs fell to the ground, they would glow for a bit and then cool off beside the dead victim. Now that was fun! Granted, the graphics are very dated, but it’s hard watching lightsabers fly at someone and do nothing but knock them down.

Beside that minor quibble, the Beta gameplay doesn’t seem very polished, and very arcade twitchy rather than a realistic combat sim.

Finally I found a guy talking about what he didn’t like in the Beta. With only a month to go from release, I’m sure many of these problems will remain at launch. Will this be more of the same from EA?

All that being said, at least the trailers were exciting to watch. In many ways they’re better than the prequels. 🙂





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  1. I liked the Beta. Yes, it was brutal, you die quickly but you respawn right away. That Hoth battle, geez, so much action. It is definitely not a sim. My son and I really enjoyed playing the coop mission together,even if it was short and easy. I am very jealous of the PS4 Vader Console as I am on Xbox One. Oh well…

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