Star Wars: Headspace Album

There is a new Star Wars album out called Star Wars Headspace and it’s available on Spotify and SoundCloud (below).  The EDM album is full of blasters, droids, lightsabers, movie dialogue – you name it!

Not all of it’s good, but there are definitely some gems in there like TroyBoi’s Force or Bonobo’s Ghomrassen.

If you like electronic music, it’s worth listening through at least once. It’s interesting to hear how artists worked Star Wars dialogue and other samples into their songs.

The takeaway from this is Star Wars is still very relevant in western culture and has been since the 80s. It’s become part of daily life!

Tracks are from Röyksopp, Baauer, Claude VonStroke, Troyboi, Kaskade, Bonobo, Shlomo, Rustie and more.

The full album, from Soundcloud, is below. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Headspace Album”

  1. That’s some cool sounds right there! Any of you guys know how to contact the authors? I’m running an x-wing podcast with some guys and we’ve been looking for some cool intro music, i’d like to ask the copyright owner for a permision for non-profit use some of these beauties 🙂

  2. Go on their soundcloud and send them a message.

    You might have to create a soundcloud account to do it, but that’s no big deal. If that doesn’t work, do the same thing with the spotify link (in the article above). You can log into spotify with a facebook account.

    Some of that music would be perfect for a podcast. Good thinking!

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