Star Wars Virtual Reality & Battlefront Coming Soon

Industrial Light and Magic is currently working on a new virtual reality experience which possibly will change the way stories can be told. Perhaps in the future this new medium will create a new form of interactive art.

The special effects company, which George Lucas founded to create the original Star Wars special effects, announced last Friday that the new technology will debut later this year, reports USA Today.

The team behind the project, ILM Experience Lab, is developing iPad and Oculus Rift-based systems that will allow viewers to enter scenes of selected movies. By enetering these scenes, fans can walk around in and interact with them.

The YouTube video above  shows users interacting with R2 and C-3P0 on Tatooine. The ILMxLab technology might make it’s debut in December, the same time Star Wars: The Force Awakens is due to hit theatres.

In more news fresh from E3, stunning game play for Star Wars Battlefront is shown off in the YouTube video below. It looks like a dream come true for any Star Wars fan. The game is due out November 17th.

On top of diverting funds towards FFG’s Armada, I think my computer needs to get an upgrade…

If you watched that video and went “omg wow, I need to see more” well you’re in luck. Here is another example of game play from what looks to be the campaign.

Fun times ahead!


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