Star Wars: YouTube Fun

I always love surfing the net for anything Star Wars. Here are some fun YouTube videos I came across.

One Day Builds: Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster

It’s interesting that there is a group of Star Wars fans who broke down what parts were used in making Han’s blaster, and how that blaster changed from shot to shot, movie to movie.

In the video below, a replica blaster is assembled from all the parts needed. Where all those parts came from, I found quite interesting and I hope you do too.

HDD and Floppy Music: Star Wars – Imperial March

Ever what the Imperial March Sound like if played by a bunch hard drives?

What would you do if an Ewok handed you a lightsaber?

I know a lot of people after reading that question would say “kill the Ewok” but seriously, wouldn’t you love it if something like this happened to you?





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