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Star Wars: Destiny First Impressions

A few weeks ago at Black Knight Games, I noticed they would soon be having a launch event for Star Wars: Destiny, another FFG Star Wars game. This one combining both deck building and dice rolling. I figured I was in a unique position: finished college, employed reasonably well for a recent grad and with tons of free time: so I could easily pick up a fresh game. Being an avid X-Wing player, and having enjoyed a couple of Imperial Assault campaigns, I figured FFG had done a good job with their Star Wars licence, so it was worth a shot. I did some research, thought it looked fun, signed up, and on Saturday, I showed up to play.

There were two decks to choose from, one centred around Kylo Ren and a stormtrooper, the other around Rey and Finn.  Knowing the full extent of a stormtrooper’s power, I figured I was better off without one.

These guys suck
Poor guy

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