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Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7 Released


Our Co-operative Rebel Campaign for X-wing has been out for a little under a month, and the response from pilots all over the world has. been. staggering. I’m completely blown away. Thanks to all of the players who have tried it out and provided valuable beta-testing feedback on the campaign book and materials. You guys are helping make Heroes of the Aturi Cluster the best it can be! Continue reading Heroes of the Aturi Cluster – v0.7 Released


New Co-Op X-Wing Campaign

The thing X-Wing lacked from day one was a good campaign system. Months ago I decided to make my own campaign in the form of a small pdf document. I created a chat with some local players to have them read it over as I wanted feedback before I threw it up on db416.

During that chat Josh Derksen (Armorgear7) had some great ideas, and he had a unique slant on how a campaign system should work with the core mechanic being an A.I. Overlord, whereas I was looking at a more conventional human GM. Continue reading New Co-Op X-Wing Campaign