For some reason I was looking into Tauntauns and came across some things interesting, and some things funny.

Let’s start with the interesting. Most of you know about the deleted “Wampa Attack” scenes that were cut from Empire Strikes back. If you haven’t seen them, they were released to the public with an edition of the film, either a Blu Ray or DVD release. You can also find them on Youtube.

Did you know that there was some footage that didn’t make that release or was lost? A bunch of photos below show shots of an unreleased scene.

It looks like Han is talking to a Deck Officer while a medical droid examines the carcass of a Tauntaun killed by a Wampa.

Tauntaun cut scene 01 Tauntaun cut scene 02 Tauntaun cut scene 03 Tauntaun cut scene 04 Tauntaun cut scene 05

That’s some cool stuff, there to set up the Wampa Attack on Echo base, which was cut from the film.

Did you know there was a Tauntaun toy in the 80s that actually had a cavity into which you could place a toy Luke?


Haha! That’s pretty crazy. Get warm buddy!

tauntaun toy tauntaun toy2

This Tauntaun costume from 2013 by Paco Allen for his four-year-old daughter took him three months to make. It’s so well done!

tauntaun1-girl costume cute

This one, not so well done…

StarWarsA hilarious invention is the Tauntaun sleeping bag. This is a real product you can buy! The keen eye will notice the zipper is a small light saber. Wow, too funny.

tauntaun_sleeping_bag tauntaun-sleeping-bag

We also have some Tauntaun memes.

tauntaun polar bear


Want to have Tauntaun sounds on cue? Don’t worry, someone has made a Tauntaun soundboard just for you.

Tauntaun soundboard

Click here to go to the Tauntaun Soundboard. Why would anyone press spacebar?

After seeing all this Tauntaun stuff, one get’s a sense how much Star Wars has permeated into popular culture. I leave you with a great piece of art from Ralph McQuarrie, may he rest in peace.



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  1. I had that Tauntaun playset. It was so so awesome.

    Also, the Tauntaun sleeping bag was originally an April Fool’s Day joke on Thinkgeek, but so many people asked for it that they made it for real!

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